Stuff We Love: The Halfman's Song, a spirited tribute to Game of Thrones' Tyrion Lannister

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Nov 8, 2017, 3:55 PM EST

With so many awards-worthy choices, it may be hard for some folks to pick a favorite Game of Thrones character; but not me, or likely any fellow short guy, for that matter. No, for us, it’s hand’s down Tyrion Lannister, played by the great Peter Dinklage. And a man of such magnificent stature deserves a proper tribute song. Miracle of Sound’s 2013 viral hit, “Halfman’s Song,” is no doubt worthy.

With noble words …

“There are some who are born distinguished / There are some who are raised in praise / But me I was always the last in line / A blot in my father's gaze.”

… And glorious images of Tyrion’s early triumphs, it’s hard not to get a little wispy, just thinking about all the many miles it takes to become truly great.


One of the things I love most about the song is that it’s from 2013, or at least it was posted then, though Gavin Dunne’s lyrics are copyrighted in 2012. Either way, we’re talking Season 2 and 3, when we really learned how loud this little lion could roar. That’s like… Fall in Westerosi years.

“I'm no man of honour / Myself is my true king / But somewhere deep within me / The bells of conscience ring.“

Of course, Winter is here and marching south now, and Tyrion still stands tall. So just think of how much the Halfman has accomplished since the song trails off. The imp obviously deserves another tribute, Miracle of Sound, can you please get on that?   

Granted, we can understand if MoS is a little busy cranking out a steady stream of high-quality geek rock, including plenty more GoT fare. As dour as the “Halfman’s Song” may be, the newish Jon Snow tribute, “When the Wolves Cry Out,” is a full-on rocker, that could easily play on radio stations across the land. And they’re not all Thrones related either; the Mad Max Fury RoadRoad Rage” song sounds like the guitar player might actually be Blind Coma-Doof taking a break from leading Immortan Joe's militia.

Alas, I digress; we were talking about "Halfman's Song," which is currently my theme song. But I would be remiss if I didn’t also take this opportunity to honor another theme song contender of mine: "Space Pants". As opposed to being sung in honor of a rising-above-it-all short man played by Dinklage, though, it’s sung by him, in all his Glam Rock glory, Space-Pants filling glory. 

Which theme song shall I choose?