Zerolios the Undead Dragon by Anthony Christou

Stuff We Love: The mythical dreamscapes of Anthony Christou

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Apr 16, 2018, 12:11 PM EDT (Updated)

There is a world where waterfalls speak, where gems glisten from a dragon’s scales, where animals can cast spells with their eyes and flying unicorns take form in a rush of seafoam. This world exists inside the imagination of artist Anthony Christou.

Christou’s design studio has conjured magic for genre films, video games, and books, and has joined forces with clients including Disney, Grinding Gear Games, Odin’s Eye Entertainment, Imagine FX, and more. Christou has given his otherworldly vibe to the video games Disney Worlds for Nintendo DS and The Path of Exile, as well as his own independent comics The Adventures of Lightning Rod and Luminous Ages.

The River Styx by Anthony Christou

Credit: Anthony Christou  

Influenced by myths and legends that echo with the lore of ancient Greece, Christou’s art appears to glow. Dreamscape Islands of Argolida imagines cloud-shrouded sky-islands that rise from the sea, surrounding a fountain that appears as if it could reveal the future in the crystalline waters if you only knew the right spell. The River Styx is a dream vision of Hades that merges wonder and gloom in its skull-shaped caverns. Water Pegasus is that winged sea unicorn. Zerolios the Undead Dragon is a skeletal beast that throbs with violet lightning.

If you want to hang any of these on your wall, which I’m sure you do, you can.

Cover of Luminous Ages #1 by Anthony Christou

Credit: Anthony Christou  

Luminous Ages takes this aesthetic and merges it with powerful storytelling that has its roots in ancient mythology but evolves into something all its own. Anything that happens in the dream world of Oniro (which literally translates to “dream” in Greek) is mirrored in the tangible realm of Ekratoria, which was created when the tranquility of Oniro shattered into an era of gods and monsters fighting for dominance.

Page from Luminous Ages by Anthony Christou

Credit: Anthony Christou  

Thrakos is a farm boy in the city of Kiria — or so he thinks until the marks of a mage appear on his skin. He drifts between the world he knows and the strange dreamscapes of Oniro as his powers begin to manifest. Meanwhile, a shadow looms over Ekratoria. Are Thrakos’ powers a gift or a curse in these darkening times?

Read Issue #1 of Luminous Ages here, and be sure to back the Kickstarter if you want to find out what strange and terrifying things await.

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