Stuff We Love: The Pop-Up Necronomicon will give you psychedelic nightmares

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Oct 20, 2017, 2:52 PM EDT

Do your summoning rituals need another dimension? If the Elder Gods just don’t have the power to jump out at you anymore, then this is the version of the Necronomicon in which Cthulhu literally surfaces from the eldritch depths—right in your face.

Poposition Press has joined forces with horror artist Skinner, whose acid-dream visions of things with tentacles, teeth and innumerable eyes surface in the pages of this pop-up incarnation of the Necronomicon. You may not want to read this before going to sleep.

Skinner has taken Lovecraft’s occult mythos to an insane level of terror in his radioactive renditions of the blasphemy in The Dunwich Horror, At the Mountains of Madness, The Call of Cthulhu, The Shadow Out of Time and The Color Out of Space. If you think Shoggoths and Mi-Go would be any less terrifying in a rainbow of neon ooze, think again. Atomic greens and yellows and pinks give them a radioactive quality that only makes the demon spawn of Lovecraft’s imagination scarier. Things even move and open up to reveal more madness. The whole blasphemous book is probably blacklight-reactive, but would you really want to be alone with this thing in a dark room to find out?


Besides his genius ability to merge malevolent entities with power plant sewage, Skinner also has the supernatural ability to make even living people look like zombies in various states of decay. Then again, they are all screaming or on the verge of screaming. Fear will do that to you.

Besides the five ghastly pop-up scenes that are enough to keep curious bystanders from asking you what in R’lyeh you’re reading (by way of pull tabs that make the stories materialize), the cover is out of this universe. It’s covered in tentacles. Wriggling, writhing, seething tentacles. Show a devotion on par with human sacrifice by getting your claws on the Elder God Edition, which gleams eerily with gold and silver foil embossing, includes an exclusive “Shambling Freak” art print. Because nothing says Lovecraft like a shambling freak.


Pre-order the book, and the Great Old Ones will thank you with a glow-in-the-dark enamel pin. Choose from a Necronomicon with teeth or a menagerie of creatures with too many mouths, eyeballs and appendages.