Loki helmet by The Potions Mistress

Stuff We Love: The Potions Mistress conjures the most unreal cosplay accessories ever

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May 12, 2018, 1:34 PM EDT

There’s cosplay, and then there’s cosplay.

Anyone who’s ever been to a comic, sci-fi, fantasy or horror convention knows that props can mean the difference between a vaguely recognizable and totally believable Asgardian, warrior princess, Winter Soldier, queen of the underworld or galaxy-traversing Resistance scum.

The Potions Mistress aka Carol Datura Riot has conjured up cosplay gear realistic enough to look as if it has magical powers or (in the case of Xena’s chakram or the Winter Soldier’s weapons) at least some kind of power usually not available to the rest of us normals. Bucky Barnes’ knives look like gleaming metal that could leaves some serious damage behind even though they are actually made of—believe it—foam reinforced with layer after layer of papier maché. They’re also surprisingly light and won’t stick you with the pointy end even if you accidentally hold one the wrong way. Same for anything else that looks like it could mutilate the enemy. Just don’t go waving these things around at people in front of con security.

The Potions Mistress Hela headpiece from Thor: Ragnarok

Credit: The Potions Mistress

With all the Thors and Lokis and Helas swarming cons recently in the wake of Thor: Ragnarok, if you want to stand out from the hordes of badly printed spandex and Halloween-store capes, you don’t need to cross the Bifrost all the way into Asgard. Potions Mistress has replicated all the new helmets and scepters and swords from the movie, including (deep breath) Hela’s headpiece. It may look fragile, but the original survived the madness of New York Comic Con and the NYC Halloween Parade, and believe me when I tell you that there is some serious crowd navigation to be done at both. The sword wielded by the goddess of death is also every bit as badass as the movie version.

Just in case your choice of weapon deals less with swords and more with the type of unfathomably ancient magic channeled by Doctor Strange, you can also find the most realistic Eye of Agamotto amulet in the universe. It even has a green LED light you can turn on or off depending on when you’re trying to summon something powerful.

Hela's sword from Thor: Ragnarok by The Potions Mistress

Credit: The Potions Mistress

If you’re looking at all these and nervously wondering whether they’ll be confiscated in all the time it takes to pass through con security, Potions Mistress has made sure that all her cosplay knives, guns, scepters and other dangerous-looking paraphernalia are con-safe. You won’t have to trek to some remote corner of the convention center to dig for them in the weapons graveyard. I had to make the dreaded voyage to the weapons graveyard once when I lost one of my accessories, and it’s a pretty dismal place when you think of how much expensive faux weaponry has been condemned there for the rest of the con.

By the way, Potions Mistress also does custom orders, so travel through another dimension to her shop and find yourself burdened with glorious purpose.