Stuff We Love: ThinkGeek's Handbag of Holding holds everything we need

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:19 AM EDT (Updated)

What do women want besides equal pay for equal work, affordable healthcare, and chocolate? We want clothes with pockets, so we can keep our essentials within reach. But since the fashion industry is slow to comply, we’ll take a decent handbag.

Enter the fabulous ThinkGeek’s Handbag of Holding. (Mine was provided courtesy of ThinkGeek.)

If you’ve ever played Dungeons & Dragons, you’ve likely encountered a bag of holding, a place to stow your hard-won loot, even loot that’s bigger than the actual bag. (True story: A party member of mine once weaponized a handbag of holding and won us the campaign.) ThinkGeek’s bag sadly doesn’t open into non-dimensional space. But it has a plethora of pockets, handy for an adventurer who needs organization.

My Handbag of Holding easily carried my equipment—that is, my computer, my microphone, my recorder, various charges, and snacks—thanks to interior and exterior pockets, a whopping 15 in all. It even had room to spare.

The bag is made of a tough brown canvas, which is nicely neutral, so it can be carried comfortably by all genders. The canvas is so durable, the bag can even stand on its own, thanks to four small prongs on the bottom that act as feet. Nifty touches include a chrome/leather logo plate and a D20 zipper pull.

Don’t like the brown canvas? I found a vegan leather dragonscale version, as well as one in black leather.

The Handbag of Holding costs $49.99 at ThinkGeek. As it’s new, I can’t speak to its durability. I can only say that, by giving me everything I need in a bag, I plan on using it for years to come.

ThinkGeek: If you’re listening, I would love a smaller version, a purse of holding, one about half the size that I can use every day. Because sometimes our adventures include going to the grocery store.