Stuff We Love: Ultimate objects of geek desire from Sapphire Studios

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Jan 15, 2018, 5:22 PM EST

What is your ultimate object of geek desire? A bed that looks like a starship? A life-size Darth Vader statue? A functional drone to scare the neighbors? What about a diamond ring that only looks like your typical shiny object until you realize it’s also a Pokeball?

Sapphire Studios levels up the whole meaning of “lust object” with its Iconica Collection of rings and other luxe jewelry inspired by your favorite fandoms and rendered in gold and precious gems. These are the types of things you’d find sparkling among the treasures of a dragon’s hoard. They say most of them are supposed to be engagement rings, but really, why would you have to get engaged to declare your everlasting love for Star Wars or Sailor Moon or Legend of Zelda?

My point exactly.


Credit: Sapphire Studios


This version of Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick is in a whole other universe from that sparkly plastic thing you might have waved around in your matching Halloween costume as a kid. It has .25 carats of otherworldly stones glittering in solid gold. You can also channel moon prism power through this unreal diamond ring (just ignore the “engagement” part), for any sailor senshi who needs the magic of the crisis brooch literally at her fingertips without having to pull out that heart-shaped makeup compact. It goes way beyond cosplay.

There are other worlds Sapphire’s jewelry can take you to. You’ll really catch ‘em all if you’re wearing the most high-end Pokeball on the planet, turn to the Dark Side with a sinister ring guarded by miniature Darth Vader helmets, or just casually say your gaming session went further than you thought when you show off tokens that look like they came right out of Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy. There is even—wait for it—a Zelda and Link Triforce ring set.  

I’m surprised they don’t have three rings for the Elvenkings under the sky, seven for the Dwarf Lords in their halls of stone … but you can create your own piece of geeky royalty.