Stuff We Love: WeLoveFine’s Cthu-leggings from ThinkGeek are totally tentacular

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:15 AM EDT (Updated)

For this Cthulhu cultist, anything remotely inspired by H.P. Lovecraft will send me spiraling into madness, kind of like these Otto Striped Leggings from WeLoveFine did.

If you haven’t yet experienced the awesomeness that is WeLoveFine, these are the same people who brought you My Little Pony tees, the R2-D2-dress and Star Trek sweaters among other wearable testaments to fandom. But they didn’t neglect the tentacles.


Instant human cephalopod.

So what if these weren’t actually meant to resemble Cthulhu but adorable octopod Otto from the brains of Otto and Victoria artist Brian Kesinger. They will still make you half-cephalopod without all that troublesome DNA merging. Your legs will look like bona fide tentacles rising from the deep. In unnatural purples and blues, the appendages writhing over a tangle of seaweed-colored stripes could have you mistaken for some unspeakable hybrid fresh out of Arkham. They’re also made of that same insanely comfy stretch fabric that stays cool even during workouts that could vaporize a Shoggoth. Just walking around the mall in them may elicit frightened eyes and perhaps a few screams, but the spectacle they make running on a treadmill—or even better, riding a bike—is unreal. When these are in action cycling you really do look like you have eight legs.  

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 11.14.48 PM.png

The not-so-scary inspiration.

These are also great for going to cons when you’re either drained of costume ideas or just have no energy reserves left for the hours of latex and makeup it would take to transform into a Deep One. They’re like instant cosplay. Whether or not you decide to grow any other tentacles or put this mask on, you will absolutely get asked where in the unholy bowels of the ocean you got them.

ThinkGeek is crawling with Lovecraftian horrors, from the figural bank of the Great Old One that glows a slimy green in the dark (and which I also reviewed in the absence of all light) to the Tentacuddle wrap that is so much more awesome than all those mermaid tails. I will totally be needing that thing when it gets as cold here as it is in the Mountains of Madness.

Leggings provided courtesy of ThinkGeek.


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