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Stuff We Love: When Robin wrecks the Jet Bat-boat in Batman Forever

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Mar 25, 2021, 7:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Though nowhere near as bad as the abominable and much-detested Batman and Robin, 1995's Batman Forever does have a few standout scenes that put a geeky grin on my face.

Sure, it contains some obnoxiously over-the-top villains (yes I'm staring straight at you Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey), but some of it can be forgiven due to the mere fact that it's got one of the coolest sequences in any Bat-flick, featuring ... drumroll please! ... a jet-powered Bat-boat racing through a deadly gauntlet of underwater mines!

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Look, you can keep your little old Tumbler and your precious Bat-wing and gimme this curvy rocket-motored craft any day of the week. I swear I'd have paid hard-earned bucks just to see the intense scene when an actual flame-spewing cigarette boat plunges into Gotham harbor under a blanket of darkness and goes streaking across the glossy water as Two-Face and The Riddler attempt to destroy it while playing a lethal game of bomb-studded Battleship.

No miniatures, models, or CGI were used during the filming of this sequence as Chris O'Donnell's rebellious Robin steers the Dark Knight's finned flotation device to its eventual demise as a well-timed explosion takes it out right after the Boy Wonder ejects.

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The 300-hp hero boat, equipped with a custom, aluminum-block Ford 351 c.i. V-8 and hot-air balloon igniter to simulate a jet thruster, resides at Warner Bros. Movie World, where it's been on display since the late '90s. It was built by Joel Shepherd of VIP Marine in Grants Pass, Oregon, with an engine assembled by Chris Stout of Redline Marine in Lewiston, Idaho.

Take a plunge into this sensational set piece from Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever and tell us if you think the wicked watercraft needs to be resurrected!