YOUgNeek Star Wars and Star Trek clocks

Stuff We Love: Space out with YOU gNeek’s starship clocks

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Mar 21, 2018, 5:57 PM EDT

Because clocks with numbers can get really, really boring after a while, sometimes you need starships.

YOU gNeek (see what they did there?) has made the clock that tells time using starships something that actually exists. Han Solo or Jean-Luc Picard could have used one of these, made of glass and brushed metal with authentic vintage Star Trek or Star Wars toys depending on your fandom and whether or not you’re willing to become one of the Borg.

YOUgNeek Star Trek Borg clock

Credit: YOUgNeek

If you want to be assimilated and accept that existence as you know it is over, then you need the clock that makes it look like 12 Micro Machine Borg ships are circling the unfortunate Enterprise NCC 1701-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation, which looks like it got caught in a tractor beam. Like all the vintage toys on these clocks, the encroaching ships are finished by hand to look like pewter that has that been-out-in-space-for-the-last-thousand-years look. Resistance is futile.

YOUgNeek Star Trek starship clock

Credit: YOUgNeek

Need more time, Captain? For Trekkies who would rather not be hooked up to a neural network, you can keep your eye on a clock with vintage classic Action Fleet Micro Machine starships, warships, and other spacecraft to make sure time isn’t passing at warp speed.

If you’d rather go beyond Federation space to a galaxy far, far away, you’ll need the Star Wars clock to tell you how have many minutes you have until another laser attack depending on whether the minute hand is on the Millennium Falcon, an X-Wing, an AT-AT walker, or any other Rebel or Imperial vehicle in Micro Machine form.

YOUgNeek Star Wars starship clock

Credit: YOUgNeek 

By the way, if you want spacecraft exclusively from The Force Awakens or a different ship getting surrounded by the Borg, you can customize your clock. Is that even legal under Federation law? It should be.

Just in case you do prefer numbers — or at least something resembling numbers — YOU gNeek’s math clocks make it totally legit to say you’ll meet someone at Pi.

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