Image of the Day: Stunning new NASA photo is the coolest shot yet of Curiosity on Mars

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Feb 26, 2015, 11:51 AM EST (Updated)

If you’ve wondered what it’d look like to be standing beside NASA’s Curiosity Rover, looking out upon the vistas of Mars, wonder no more. 

NASA has put together an absolutely stunning composite image incorporating dozens of photos taken by the Curiosity Rover, showing the craft in all its glory. The image doesn’t include the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) on Curiosity's robotic arm, which was used to take the photos. NASA edited the arm out because, obviously, it would’ve basically blocked the entire shot.

So, what exactly do we see surrounding the cutting-edge piece of NASA tech that’s been rummaging around the Red Planet since 2012? As Space notes, the shot shows off the Pahrump Hills outcrop at the base of the planet’s 3.4-mile-high Mount Sharp. The view is amazing, and it takes a while of staring slack-jawed to realize we are literally looking at a man-made vehicle sitting on another planet.

Now that the rover has reached the area around Mount Sharp, it’ll next be exploring the lower parts of the mountain, to study some of the rock formations there and, hopefully, discover some new intel on the ancient weather on Mars.

Take your time, and take it in. Sadly, it’ll be a while until we get to see this gorgeous view in person.

(Via Space)