Stunning fan-made anime OWNS Doctor Who: Get the hint, BBC?

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Dec 14, 2012

It's not uncommon to see fan-made art for our favorite franchises, but some just rise above the rest.  Case in point—this 12-minute anime-style Doctor Who episode is so exceptional there's little doubt it'ill be the coolest thing you'll see all week.

Paul "OtaKing" Johnson has spent at least two and a half years working on the project, and it shows in the quality of what he's created. He chose to use, of all incarnations, the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, as his central character. From there he took a page from Russell T Davies and brought in everything but the kitchen sink.

The Brigadier, Daleks, Cybermen, two Masters and even Sutekh the Destroyer all make appearances. It's riveting stuff, so visually arresting that you'll hardly hear that little fan voice in your head saying, "But Jon Pertwee never met the Cybermen."

After watching this a few times, we can't help but think—what's stopping the BBC from commissioning more from Johnson? There have been several attempts at an animated Doctor Who, but none comes close to the stunning artistic quality on display here. It certainly wouldn't be unprecedented with both Supernatural and the X-Men having recently gotten the anime treatment.

What do you say, BBC? We want to know what happens next!

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