Sugar Shack’s Harry Potter Butterbeer Donuts are beyond magical

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Mar 26, 2021, 7:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Many times you want a donut. Most of those times you don’t actually need that donut. This is one donut you need so badly you must summon it with a magic wand.

Sugar Shack Donuts has just conjured—wait for it—a butterbeer donut. This Harry Potter-inspired treat is so magical, it’s sprinkled with gold stars and topped with an edible Golden Snitch that has fondant wings. That otherworldly glow it has isn’t from lumos spell; it’s actually edible gold shimmer. Such a thing does exist. In case you think a boggart is playing tricks on your eyes:

The only downside is that some of us would have to take the Hogwarts Express and maneuver our way through Diagon Alley and possibly Knockturn Alley to get one. Or maybe travel via Floo powder or on the back of a Hippogriff. Sugar Shack will only be selling this magical thing, which will vanish after Halloween, at locations in Virginia, Florida, and Washington D.C. They fully expect to random people in wizarding robes lining up.

There is going to be so much fandom surrounding this donut that the chain suggests you call your local Sugar Shack (if you happen to live in the aforementioned places or possibly Hogsmeade) to preorder. Don’t bother if you’re in Richmond and Virginia Beach, because those shops are already preordered out, with an extremely limited supply available to walk-ins. You could get on your broom and go see if you can catch one.

Oh, and Sugar Shack will actually just hand you a free donut if you bring a legit wand and perform a spell with it. Cloak optional.


Still have no way, paranormal or otherwise, to get one before another Seeker does? Owl post just flew in with these recipes:

Meringue-frosted Butterbeer donuts (if you can't accio the Sugar Shack version)

Death by Butterbeer Cupcakes

Butterbeer Pocky

Butterbeer pancakes

Pumpkin-Butterbeer hot chocolate (rumored to be even better than Amortentia)

… and, of course, actual Butterbeer.

(via Huffington Post)