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Summer camp, an evil witch, and Constantine in khaki shorts in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

The Legends stumble upon their latest anomaly thanks to some B-movie slasher series, and head back to the 1990s to try and stop a mysterious murderer in one of the greatest horror movies settings of all time: summer camp.

Spoilers ahead for “Wet, Hot American Bummer,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Nov. 12, 2018.

The gimmick this week is summer camp, and though this show always has a bit of fun with its time periods, sending the entire crew to camp as a group of counselors made for a fun set-up. Even Constantine is forced to participate, begrudgingly ditching his tie, jacket and pants along the way for the greater good. Matt Ryan’s Constantine continues to make for a compelling addition, and despite his swagger and attitude, he truly gets to be the hero this week. After saving most of the children from the live-sucking vampire man-witch, one of the kids is still not responding. So, Constantine gives him some of his very own life force to get the kid back in the realm of the living.

In a nod to the backstory fans are well aware of, Constantine says he won’t lose another kid — almost certainly a reference to Astra, a young girl Constantine failed to save back on his short-lived NBC series —and that failure has taken a deep emotional toll on Constantine. His sacrifice also begs a few other questions, specifically tied back to the mysterious force we saw earlier in the season that is out to kill John. Did he pass on some life force because he thinks he won’t be around much longer to use it, anyway? It’d make some sense, and whatever Constantine did, not even Gideon’s high-tech medical equipment can do much to help him.

The team hopes that magic might be able to save Constantine, so Ray recommends tracking down his old friend Nora Darhk. A closing scene shows she’s working a gig at a renaissance faire to make ends meet. Not exactly the career of a super villain one might expect, though it stands to reason Ray will appreciate that she’s making an effort for the straight and narrow.

Assorted musings

Legends of Tomorrow Charlie

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*Seeing Sara and Ava’s contrasting styles made for some fun camp action, as well as seeing them transformed into kids to help crack the case. In a sweet throwback to Ava’s legacy as a future clone, we also get to see her make some real life childhood memories, to boot.

*Easter egg alert: Constantine notes in passing that he definitely does know a Swamp Thing, though he doesn’t meet the MO of what they’re looking for. So, yeah, Swamp Thing exists in the Arrowverse. Out there, somewhere.

*It didn’t take long for Charlie to decide to join up with the Legends. The trapped shapeshifter spent some time in the magical prison with all those other creepy crawlies, and looks to provide valuable intel — all for the price of not being sent back with all the other magical creatures. She understandably builds a bond with Rory, and comes through with some critical intel to save the day. With Charlie now seemingly a legend, we look forward to Nate’s return t the Waverider. It should be interesting.

*Of course the kids Ray trained in tracking swoop in to help save the day. Oh, Ray. Ever the boy scout.

Next week: This one is a bit hard to describe, but here it goes: Space Jaws? The team hunts a giant space sea beast, and yeah, just another Monday for the Legends.

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