Summer Glau hints there's a possible love connection coming in Arrow S2

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Oct 29, 2013

Though we haven’t seen much of her this season of Arrow, the addition of Summer Glau as corporate guru Isabel Rochev has added some spice to Starling City. So might she might be more than a frenemy with Arrow before it's all said and done?

Glau (Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) sounds open to the prospect of becoming more than just a thorn is Oliver’s side, and hinted that their mutual respect will deepen as the year wears on and they attempt to salvage Queen Consolidated. But what about a love connection?

Here’s what she hinted to The Hollywood Reporter:

“From my perspective, their mutual respect is going to grow. I think they're curious about each other, testing the boundaries and really getting to know what the other is made of, their motivations and what drives them. From there, I think the audience will start to wonder what Isabel's motivations are … Knowing Oliver Queen -- I mean, chances are that something like that [romance] might arise. (Laughs) But Isabel is a strong woman, so his interactions with her are going to be complicated no matter how it changes…

Speaking to Andrew about Isabel and also with Stephen, we wanted to explore the fact that she is a different kind of feminine energy in Oliver's life, and it is absolutely a different relationship from many of the other women in his life. It's not something that he was looking for and certainly in the beginning, it's a challenge and a nuisance and something else for him to put his energy into. As it starts to go along, he starts to enjoy their sparring. It's a different type of woman in his life, who's demanding different things from him.”

Oh, and some fuel to the fire? Glau hinted that her role on the show will cause some jealous sparks between her character and Felicity. Hmm, this could definitely get some ‘shippers up in arms.

Glau’s addition to the series has the potential to add a fun twist, as Oliver faces a challenge he can’t just shoot in the face with an arrow. It’ll be interesting to see his business savvy develop as he plays off the lovely Ms. Glau.

Arrow airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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