Summer Glau teases ass-kicking (and a love triangle) on Arrow

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Nov 13, 2013, 3:37 PM EST (Updated)

The Arrow gang will be heading to Russia on a hunt for Deadshot, but they’ll apparently have a stowaway — so is Summer Glau joining the team?

Well, not exactly, but she will be flying off and getting into trouble with Oliver, Diggle and Felicity. You see, Oliver tries to disguise their Deadshot hunt as a business trip … but Glau’s savvy Isabel Rochev knows there’s something up, so she tags along for the ride. Cue shenanigans.

So, will Rochev figure out Oliver’s ass-kicking secret this week? Glau wouldn’t say for sure, but hinted her character is definitely starting to put the pieces together:

“I like to think that she was already onto him. I think Isabel knows that he’s no dummy, he’s no party boy, that there’s something else going on. She’s starting to suspect him more and more, and respect him more and more. She sees that he’s more than meets the eye.”

Plus, when asked if she gets in on the action, Glau teased that her stiletto heels are “definitely a deadly weapon.” Hmm. But what about those rumors Oliver and Rochev might have some fireworks of their own? Glau said her character will definitely be driving a wedge between Oliver and Felicity, and hinted that could mean a few different things:

“She wonders about Diggle, and she also wonders about Felicity. [Isabel] is in a power struggle with Oliver and she sees that Felicity is always at his side, always covering for him, she has his ear, she has his back… I think [Isabel] is trying to wedge her way in between their relationship – and she gets a chance to do that in this episode.

She’s going to turn up the heat on those two. She knows that there’s something going on…. I don’t want to give too much away about future episodes, Keep Your Enemies Closer but she’s going to keep pushing. She wants to be in control.”

The latest episode of Arrow airs tonight on The CW. What have you thought about this season? Was Glau a good addition?

(Via TV Line)

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