Summer Glau's favorite sci-fi show is Star Trek: TNG

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

We loved Summer Glau in such sci-fi series as Angel, Firefly and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. But what sci-fi does Glau herself love?

She recently revealed that her favorite all-time sc-fi series—the one she'd show off to a new friend to let them see how awesome sci-fi really is—is Star Trek: The Next Generation.

"The show I really grew up on was Star Trek: The Next Generation," she said. "That was a show that I watched with my parents, that I talked them into letting me stay up to watch it. I got to meet Marina Sirtis last year, which was a really special moment for me. I grew up idolizing her."

As for which sci-fi icon she'd most like to meet, now that she's come face to face with Sirtis, Glau remains focused on Trek.

"If I had to say one person," she said, "I guess it would be William Shatner. "

(via scifitv)