Summit aims to fill the Twilight hole with comic-based Area 52

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Jul 4, 2015, 4:40 PM EDT

Summit Entertainment has been making a mint off the Twilight franchise since 2008, but a film house can't live on sparkly vampires alone, especially since the final Twi-flicks, Breaking Dawn 1 and 2, are the end of the road. That's why they're switching gears—to aliens.

Area 52 is the 2001 miniseries from Image Comics, written by Brian Haberlin and drawn by Clayton Henry, centered around an Antarctic facility where all of Area 51's castoffs are stored. Unsurprisingly, an alien killing machine is accidentally hatched and escapes (as happens), and it's up to an Army Nurse and a ragtag group of misfits to save the day. A little derivative (think Warehouse 13 meets Torchwood in an igloo owned by The Thing), but a fun idea nonetheless.

This isn't the first time a film adaptation of Area 52 has been attempted. Before Summit, the film lived in development hell at Universal. Now, though, with Lorenzo di Bonaventura (the Transformers movies) and Mark Vahradian (Red) set to produce, the project has new life.

Not a bad team for a little sci-fi romp. Now all they need are some writers.

(Via Deadline)