Sunday mornin’ politics and science

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Feb 17, 2008

Every now again I get an email from DarkSyde, who writes for DailyKos. He wanted to write about supernovae and specifically neutrinos and Supernova 1987A, and asked what I knew. I told him I studied 87A for my PhD so I have maybe a little inside info. :-)

His blog post is now up at DK. It's a pretty concise description of the goings-on in the core of an incipient exploding star (I'll have more details -- and the somewhat grim aftermath -- in my book Death from the Skies! this October), and he ties it in with Bill Foster, a professional physicist running for Congress in Illinois.

You read that right. Foster is an actual scientist, and he wants to help run the government. He has a picture of Fermilab up on his main page and everything. How cool is that?

Head on over there and take a look; what better way is there to spend a Sunday morning?

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