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Super Bowl 2020: Bill Murray re-lives Groundhog Day time loop in nostalgic Jeep ad

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Feb 2, 2020, 7:15 PM EST

The rumors were true! The prophecy has been fulfilled! Bill Murray returns to the Groundhog Day universe as Phil Connors in Jeep's ad for Super Bowl LIV. Today also happens to be the national holiday (spring is coming early, if you were wondering), which makes it even timelier.

Waking up to Sonny & Cher's "I Got You Babe" in the Punxsutawney bed and breakfast, Connors realizes with horror that he's back in the accursed Pennsylvania time loop that kept him from moving forward almost 30 years ago. Heading to the streets, he runs into (who else?!) Ned "The Head" Ryerson, who is played by the returning Stephen Tobolowsky.

Phil mires in despair and disbelief until he discovers the 2020 Jeep Gladiator, which renews his faith in life. Looking to have some fun with the vehicle, he steals Punxsutawney Phil from flustered Groundhog Day MC Buster Green (Brian Doyle-Murray is also back!) and once again takes the famous rodent on a wacky joyride.

Check it out below:

“In my wildest dreams, any advertiser’s dream, really, could you dare to believe that Bill Murray would agree to be in your Super Bowl commercial, and on top of that, ask him to relive his iconic role in Groundhog Day?,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in a statement. “How do you even have that make sense and not be forced? Magic first happened when I had the incredible luck to meet Bill in person a few years ago, and I knew then that he was perfect for Jeep. Because like Jeep, Bill is a free spirit, he intentionally seeks out ways to find adventure and live an extraordinary life.”

“This is my first commercial. I’m glad I did it with you (Jeep),” said Murray in his own statement. “And I'm glad that this is my last commercial, as well.”

The amazingly nostalgic commercial was reportedly shot last weekend in Woodstock Square, Illinois. Woodstock was the original filming location for the original 1993 movie, which tells the story of an egotistical news reporter, who must re-live the same day over and over again until he learns to appreciate life and those around him.

Directed and co-written by the late, great Harold Ramis (Ghostbusters), Groundhog Day also starred Andie MacDowell, Chris Elliott, and a young Michael Shannon.

Credit: Columbia Pictures

“When we learned that Groundhog Day fell on Super Bowl Sunday for the second time in 54 years, we couldn’t help but take that chance," concluded Francois. "The stars magically aligned. Bill agreed to do the first national broadcast commercial in which he’s ever appeared, and not only that, relive his role as Phil Connors for our Jeep Gladiator. But this time, in our spot, the hero makes a different choice by choosing a different pick-up truck – the Jeep Gladiator – and it changes everything for him."

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