Avengers: Infinity War- Captain America with new shield and T'Challa
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Super Bowl roundup: Here are all the genre trailers from the Big Game

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Feb 11, 2018, 1:12 PM EST (Updated)

Jurassic World:

Is there a dinosaur more terrifying than the Indominus Rex? This trailer answers that with a long-clawed "YES!!!"


It's like Die Hard meets The Towering Inferno. You heard us right. The full trailer airs tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

A Quiet Place:

This movie is entirely devoid of dialogue and marks the debut of Office star John Krasinksi. 

Mission: Impossible - Fallout:

Ethan Hunt and company are back for another impossible mission that brings back nearly every single face from the last few movies. 


Red Sparrow:

Jennifer Lawrence plays a deadly Russian spy trained to use her body to achieve the goals for the Motherland. Dasvidanya, Ms. Everdeen. 

The Cloverfield Paradox:

In an unprecedented move, the entire movie will drop on Netflix as soon as the game is over. No waiting months to unlock the mystery of the third Cloverfield movie. 

Black Panther:

A tie-in ad to the MCU's upcoming film promotes a car fit for a king. 

Avengers: Infinity War:

It's almost too beautiful for words! Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, Infinity War is an effort 10 years in the making. 

Castle Rock:

This show from producer J.J. Abrams takes place in a shared Stephen King universe. There's nothing we don't love about those four words. 

Westworld Season 2:

You'll be doing the opposite of ceasing all moto function after watching this ad! 


Time travel. Superman. C'mon, what else do you need?

Solo: A Star Wars Story:

Many of us were doubtful that this spinoff would get a spot at the game or even make its Memorial Day release, but Ron Howard & Co. delivered. Oh boy, did they deliver. A full trailer is airing tomorrow during Good Morning America. 

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