Super Mario Odyssey E3 trailer lets Mario be a T-Rex

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Jun 13, 2017, 4:24 PM EDT (Updated)

Who knew you'd ever want to play a game where Mario teams up with a sentient hat named Cappy this badly?

Watching the new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, if you don't have a Nintendo Switch already, this trailer is almost guaranteed to make you want one. There's a sense of fun and adventure that captures the feeling of playing a Super Mario game for the first time (trust me, I've been playing since the first), with tons of new features, new enemies, crazy new environments and more.

The core gameplay of the game includes Mario's classic hop and bop technique to combat, but with Cappy you now have a weapon that's quite akin to Captain America's shield. You can throw your hat to attack enemies and pick up coins, sure, but you can also use him to possess everything from rocketships to a T-Rex to turning Mario into electricity, and even take over enemies. Yes, Mario can possess a goomba, a bullet bill, hammer bros and more.

In an extended gameplay demo after the initial presentation, these mechanics were shown in detail, adding other new functionality. Mario will travel between worlds based on things like the Mexican Day of the Dead, a real-world style city, and of course Mushroom Kingdom. In addition to the new hat-based powers, Mario can also actually go 2D at certain points of the game, traveling in murals on walls and switching to classic Mario gameplay for those portions. The transitions are seamless and add a new dimension (sorry) to the game.

In addition, Nintendo announced the first three Amiibo (see them above), their collectible toys-to-life figures, for Super Mario Odyssey. The figures feature Peach, Mario and Bowser all in wedding clothes, so yeah, expect to see these on top of wedding cakes at a lot of nerd weddings in the near future. They'll offer special costumes and "additional bonuses" in the game, and other Amiibo will also be compatible with it.

Check out the trailer below, and look forward to Super Mario Odyssey, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch October 27, 2017.