Super Capers' “Will Powers” on how the satire lampoons superheroes

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Ryan McPartlin plays Will Powers in the upcoming superhero sendup movie Super Capers, in which a wannabe hero (Justin Whalin) joins a team of superpowered crime fighters.

McPartlin's Powers is a flying strongman a la Superman, though his kryptonite is his ego. Point out a gray hair and a supervillain doesn't need any green rocks.

McPartlin spoke about Super Capers in an exclusive phone interview with SCI FI Wire; the following Q&A features edited excerpts of that interview. Super Capers opens today in select theaters.

Between your Chuck character, Captain Awesome, and Will Powers, how do you land these guys with great names?

McPartlin: Dude, I also did The Adventures of Clutch Powers and Team Lego that'll be coming out in 2010. I really don't know. I think it's just fitting, though, that there's Powers or Captain or Awesome in all of my names, it seems like. I was just born to be a fun, cheesy superhero, I guess.

What sort of insight do you have into these guys with big egos?

McPartlin: What, are you saying that I would have a big ego in real life?

Only if you're method.

McPartlin: No, I'm a confident guy. I don't lack confidence. There's no doubt about it. But I definitely can play for laughs along with that confidence. I don't take myself too seriously. I was up for Superman years ago, and I think that they could have used a few more laughs in that movie. Not that Brandon Routh did a bad job, but what I would have brought to that would have been you don't take it so seriously all the time, it doesn't become too dramatic. That's how I like to do it. ...

How did that blue Will Powers suit feel?

McPartlin: It was tough to get on, man. Everybody says this about these movies. It takes a long time to get on, but once you're in it, it's just fun. Your chest goes out a little farther. You start having an air of confidence that you don't normally have, so it's every kid's dream really to put on a cape and fly around.

How about the flying and car-lifting special effects?

McPartlin: I almost passed out when I was doing the lifting the car, because I got so hot and so overheated. The straps were cutting off my circulation, but I knew we didn't have much time, and I wanted to get the take in. As soon as the tunnel vision started setting in, I was like, "OK, put me down. I've had enough flying for today."

Did you get to hear the Will Powers theme song before you shot the scenes?

McPartlin: I did. They played it on a little recorder for me so that I could hear it and just kind of know what I was getting into. To have your own theme music is perfect. It was kind of ridiculous but fun. ...

How did Super Capers come to you?

McPartlin: It was one of those things, I got a phone call from my agent, said this guy wants to meet with me. Nobody knew who Ray Griggs was, but I think they will after this. Ray and I sat down and we talked about it. It was one of those things where he said, "I just wanted to meet with you because you're what I have in mind for this." I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't going to be too cheesy, that it was going to be fun but have some good comedy in it. I wanted to make sure that the actors would be able to have some input and he'd be flexible with the actors to let them be creative too, and he was. ...

What's his take on the superhero spoof?

McPartlin: It's like Chuck, kind of, where there are homages to different superhero/Back to the Future/Star Wars, all those things. You can tell he's definitely a fanboy himself. He wasn't making fun of the genre like Meet the Spartans, Superhero Movie or Disaster Movie. He was more doing a little bit of an homage to it within a real story that he came up with.

What's Clutch Powers?

McPartlin: It's going to be the first Lego animated movie. It's Clutch Powers and the Adventures of Team Lego, and I play Clutch Powers in that, the voice-over.