Supergirl episode 319 - Reign looking evil
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Supergirl 319 recap: Bangarang! The Cult of Rao returns!

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May 21, 2018, 10:00 PM EDT

The Cult of Rao returns with a sinister new plan. Also: Guardian is threatened with exposure; Ruby is having trouble dealing with the reality of Reign; M'yrnn discovers foosball; Supergirl and Mon-El have to take a trip into the deepest reaches of space.

Spoiler Alert! The following is a recap of Supergirl Episode 319: "The Fanatical." You can check out our recap from last week here.

Our main story tonight follows up on the tag from last week's episode. Tanya has escaped from Coville's cult, and took his journal with her. Tanya was inducted into the cult because she could read and translate Kryptonian. Coville told his cult that Reign was their deliverance, and they were worshipping the wrong god. She takes the journal to James because she knows he is friends with Supergirl, and she thinks they are using the journal to create a bomb. Tanya gives Kara the cult's living quarters.

Supergirl episode 319 - James and Tanya

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Supergirl and Mon-El go looking for the cult, but the place is empty. All they find is a pile of ashes with a bracelet on top, and a shadow burn in the shape of a human being on the wall. The cult has cleared out... and the new "leader" of the cult, Olivia, is now at CatCo, trying to get Tanya and the journal back. James goes Guardian and chases the car to a warehouse. The kidnappers move on foot, and Olivia shoots Guardian in the face. He is safe, but his mask splits in two. Cops show up and immediately think James is the villain here. Whether it is a race thing or a vigilante thing isn't clear at this point, but the cult members scatter.

Tanya is very excited to learn James is Guardian. Supergirl joins them back at CatCo, and James gets a text message. They have three hours to turn over Tanya and the journal to the cult, or they go public with video of the unveiled Guardian. With an hour left, James announces to Supergirl that he is going to get out ahead of this reveal. But things get even more dire when Lena and Winn figure out that it is not a bomb the cult is trying to build; it is a new World Killer. On the upside, though, the ancient relic that the cult is using in the ceremony is exactly what Lena needs to fix Sam. So there's that.

The DEO puts Tanya under surveillance and sends her out to meet the cult. They waste no time in abducting her, and Mon-El, dressed as a dorky hipster, jumps in the van, thinking it is his Lyft. They take him anyway, because why not? It's a good thing, too -- once the cult takes Tanya, the DEO loses all tracking detail. Supergirl knows that Mon-El will figure out a way to signal her.

Supergirl episode 319 - Supergirl, J'onn, and Mon-El

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And sure enough, Mon-El does. While in the cult's secret hideout, Mon-El sneaks around and grabs a sunstone while Olivia is concocting some kind of potion or spell or whatever. The sunstone alerts Supergirl, who flies in. It's a little too late, as Olivia has finished enough of the spell to gain the strength of a World Killer. Supergirl fights her but finds the relic clutched in the girl's hand makes her skills go freaky, and her laser eyes go nuts.  Unable to stop her physically, Supergirl tries talking Olivia down. This works, but Olivia cannot drop the relic; it has already fused with her hand. Even Mon-El can't release it. Supergirl uses her laser eyes (now behaving properly) to loosen the relic enough so that Mon-El can rip it free. Supergirl uses her ice breath to cool her hand and soothe the distraught girl.

Unfortunately, the relic is destroyed, but Lena and Winn figured out the radiation signature and have tracked down another element with the same signature. The only problem is that it is like 500 light-years away. Mon-El and Supergirl borrow J'onn's spaceship and go on a road trip (space trip?) to get the bit of debris.

Supergirl episode 319 - Reign in her cell

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Also in this episode:

  • James shares with the Lena the story of the first time he was handcuffed. He was 7 years old, on vacation at a posh hotel with his family, and the police thought that he and his cousins playing hide and seek were hooligans. It wasn't until his mom was able to prove they were guests of the hotel that they were released. That is why he is afraid of being revealed as Guardian. Behind the mask, he is judged by his actions, not by the color of his skin.
  • Alex and J'onn take Ruby and M'yrnn on a field trip to an arcade. Ruby is depressed about her mom and J'onn heard that video games can improve dementia. I don't know why he didn't just buy a PlayStation or a VR headset, but fair enough. The outing doesn't improve Ruby's mood, and M'yrnn gets confused, thinks he is under attack, and throws himself into a video game. While the chaperones clean up the problem, Ruby and M'yrnn bond over foosball and Mars. By the time Alex and J'onn return, they are laughing and having fun. See, this is what I love about TV. There is always a happy ending.
  • Reign is growing a resistance to her Kryptonite chains. Lena worries they may have only days to cure her before Reign figures a way out of her chamber.
  • Supergirl is torn up over whether to tell Lena her alter identity. Ultimately, she decides to keep Lena in the dark, but she hopes that they can become friends. Lena is ice-cold to Supergirl and insists they are just co-workers. She doesn't want to be friends.