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Supergirl 321: What will Earth do without Supergirl?

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Jun 5, 2018, 12:24 PM EDT (Updated)

Tonight's episode of Supergirl, "Not Kansas," sees Kara go "home" to Argo -- with Mon-El. On Earth, the DEO faces a much more terrestrial issue: gun control.

Spoiler alert! What follows is a complete recap of Supergirl Episode 321, "Not Kansas." To catch up, check out last week's recap.

Lena comes up with a cure for Reign/Sam in the first few minutes of the episode. It works immediately, and before the credits even roll, Sam is "cured." Reign literally "separates" from Sam and Ruby is allowed to see her mom. This is great and all, but I was just waiting for the second shoe to drop. 


Katie Yu/The CW

With Reign "defeated," Kara decides to go back to Argo to live with her mom. Mon-El goes with her, under the guise of trying to communicate with Brainiac. Things are idyllic in Argo. Kara reconnects with an old friend, Thara, who leads a perfectly ordinary life with a husband and children. Thara is the peace officer on Argo, and her biggest concern is which way her gazebo is facing.

Though Kara tries to hide it, she is clearly bored in the tranquility of Argo. A construction mishap collapses building materials onto the bazaar. No one is injured, but Kara is convinced there is a woman in a dark cloak who is behind this. When the woman is shown watching her at dinner, Kara confronts her, using crime-solving interrogation techniques. Thara eventually gets her to chill out, insisting that she knows this woman as a kind, upstanding member of the community.

Later, Kara is walking in a picturesque garden, joined by Mon-El. The moment is about to evolve into a romantic one, but before they can kiss, a drone flies in and tries to kill them. Using a ring that Mon-El gave her to fly, Kara zips the two of them to safety. The cloaked woman finally reveals that she is working with Selena, and they are "daughters of the night." Alura calls Thara and they discover that Mon-El's ship is gone. Left in its place is the symbol of Rao. Back on Earth, Coville summons Selena with the blue crystal. She arrives in Mon-El's stolen ship, along with a couple other members of her coven, and they use the crystal to summon forth a new fortress of evil-tude.


Katie Yu/The CW

Elsewhere on Earth, with Supergirl gone, things seem eerily quiet. Guardian is bored until a bank robbery gives him something to do. He saves a police officer, then takes gunfire from a distinct gun. Back at the DEO, it appears that the gun is one specifically designed for the DEO.

And so we enter the gun control debate.  J'onn and James go see the gun manufacturer. He swears that they haven't sold any of the DEO proprietary weapons... but they did use the plans to make a "perfectly legal" consumer-level gun. This is a none-too-subtle reference to the gun debate currently going on (or not going on) in America right now. This leads to a handful of mini-gun-debate conversations, including one where Lena admits to owning and using a handgun for self-defense, and James accepts this good-naturedly... but you know this one conversation is going to come back and bite their relationship in the ass. Anyway, this leads J'onn to declare that the DEO is going to phase out lethal weapons and move toward non-lethal weapons that Winn is creating. Frankly, when you are up against World Killers and other aliens, that seems like a bad idea.


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Also: M'yrnn is ready to start the process by which he transfers his knowledge and memories to J'onn, which signifies he is near the end of his life. And Alex, missing Ruby perhaps more than she misses Kara, starts looking into adoption.