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Supergirl 322: The Dark Kryptonians bring their special brand of joy to Earth

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Jun 12, 2018, 4:57 PM EDT (Updated)

In this week's penultimate episode of Season 3 of Supergirl, the Dark Kryptonians set up a home on Earth, use Coville to do their bidding, and cause havoc at the DEO.

Spoiler Alert! The following recap details the events of Supergirl Episode 322: "Make it Reign." Catch up with last week's recap here.

Up on Argo, Kara, Alura, and Mon-El break into Selena's home. Since she and the other two Dark Kryptonians are now on Earth, in their new Fortress of Evil-tude (with Coville as their faithful servant), there is no one to stop them. They snoop around, and Selena appears as a hologram to give us some important exposition. Selena blames Alura for the death of Krypton, and explains that separating Reign and Sam was part of Selena's diabolical plan all along; Kara just saved her the trouble. A programmed explosion kicks them out of Selena's house but gets Kara thinking. Selena couldn't have known that Kara would come back to Argo. She had to have a plan to get to Earth without a spaceship.


Diyah Pera/The CW

Alura remembers her husband had been working on a portal in the hopes of transporting the people of Krypton off the planet. He didn't get it working in time, but they find his lab and Mon-El gets the portal working. The DEO just happens to have a matching portal that they can transfer into, so Kara uses some hologram crystals to get in contact with Winn and Alex and alert them of their plan.

In the Fortress of Evil-tude, Selena has started the process of... I don't know... re-spawning (?) Reign. But there is a problem. She doesn't have the blood of her other two World Killer-sisters. The Dark Kryptonians must find the blood of Purity and Pestilence in order for Reign to be born. Luckily, they can sniff out the blood -- there are samples at the DEO.

Just as Mon-El and Winn get their respective portals working, the Dark Kryptonians bust into the DEO and wreak havoc, looking for the blood samples. Along the way, the Darks kill Demos after a personal shield Winn invented is unable to withstand the blast from three pairs of laser eyes. The portals are now closed, and Winn is knocked unconscious by one of the Darks. Kara tries to turn on the DEO portal with her Alura hologram, but no one told Kara that holograms are non-corporeal. So she uses the hologram to lure one of the Darks into the portal room, then taunts the Dark into punching her. The Dark's fist goes right through the hologram -- and hits the "on" button for the portal. Mon-El pops through the portal, followed closely by Kara and Alura.


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With the not-dark Kryptonians joining the fight, Kara gets ahold of the two blood samples. Selena threatens everyone at the DEO, and Kara tosses her the vials of blood. Just as they reach Selena's hand, Kara blasts the zaps with her eye lasers. The Dark Kryptonians disappear, but they don't have the blood samples.

Or do they? Back at the Fortress of Evil-tude, Selena promises she has the blood. I am guessing that when Kara lasered the blood, it somehow fused with Selena, because she slices her hand open and drips her own blood into the fire pit. Reign wakes, grabs a sword, and zooms into the flaming pit, headed toward the center of the Earth with the goal of terraforming the planet.

Despite having been separated from Reign, Sam is still sick, weak and wilting like a flower. Lena discovers that her blood cells are turning Kryptonian. Somehow it takes Ruby to suggest to Lena and Alex that maybe the sunlight will help. Unfortunately it doesn't, but it shouldn't take a 12-year-old to do the job of two scientists. By the end of the episode, Lena has figured out that Sam's blood cells are getting weaker, while Reign's cells -- still in her bloodstream -- are getting stronger. Alura suggests she has to go to the Fountain of Lilith in order to reverse the effect. Sam remembers there is a fountain in the Dark Valley. Lena is concerned that she won't have the strength to return, but Sam is desperate to save the Earth for her daughter.

Going into the season finale, we have Alura on Earth, where she gets to meet Alex; Sam in the Dark Valley; Reign zooming into the center of the Earth; Coville dead at the hands (or laser eyes) of the Dark Kryptonians; Winn wracked with guilt over Demos' death; Mon-El all but admitting to Winn that he is still in love with Kara; and J'onn and M'yrnn going through the Reach ceremony. Reign's journey causes major natural disasters across the globe, and M'yrnn believes that if he can make it to the nexus point, he thinks he can save the world.

See you next week for the Season 3 finale!

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