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Supergirl adding Lex Luthor's sister, 4 other new characters for Season 2

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Jun 8, 2016, 4:01 PM EDT

Along with introducing the Man of Steel next season, The CW’s Supergirl will have a few more fresh faces arriving in the wake of the series’ jump from CBS.

TV Line reports the series is adding five new characters in Season 2, with two of those roles of the series regular variety. The first is Lena Luthor, the 25-35-year-old younger sister of Lex Luthor. She will apparently arrive in National City working to escape the shadow of her more famous big brother. The character is described as “sexy and smart” (on The CW? Poppycock!). She’ll be joined by “brash leading man" Nick Farrow, who is the son of a famous reporter and looking to make a name for himself. But the hero in him “might finally come out” once he meets Kara.

Rounding out the new additions will be the “diabolical female leader” of Project Cadmus, code-named The Doctor. She has apparently been using her surgical skills to implant prisoners with alien tech (DC Comics’ Dr. Serling Roquette, perhaps?). Cat’s news team will also be getting a veteran editor in Snapper Carr, who is tasked with taking an “old-school” approach to rebooting her brand (and maybe filling a Calista Flockhart void if she reduces her role?). Season 2 will also be introducing the DC Comics-based Science Police, who deal with metahuman threats. The new character Maggie, an “out and proud detective,” will apparently be representing the agency in National City.

Season 2 of Supergirl is set to premiere this fall on The CW.

What do you think of the new additions? Kind of starting to have a Smallville-esque vibe, right? Are you stunned to see more (apparently) young, good-looking people joining the cast?


(Via TV Line)