Supergirl adds DC fan favorite detective Maggie Sawyer into the mix

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Jul 13, 2016, 3:38 PM EDT

Supergirl's move from CBS to the CW is changing more than just the filming location for the show's sophomore season. While we wait on the future of the beloved Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart is still unsigned for Season 2 and may remain so), the show is quickly adding characters who may or may not need to fill the emptiness that may be left in Cat's wake.

One rumor that has now been confirmed is that Maggie Sawyer, a detective (and almost wife of Kate Kane) from DC Comics, will be headed to National City this coming season. She'll be played by Floriana Lima and will be part of a new task force for dealing with metahuman and alien crime.

The other notable aspect to Sawyer's character in DC comics is that, yes, she is an out lesbian and, yes, if not for DC's judgment at the last minute, Maggie would have married Batwoman, Kate Kane. This is especially notable since there have yet to be any out LGBT characters on Supergirl. Considering that both Flash and Arrow have gay characters (David Singh and Curtis Holt, respectively), it would be no surprise if Maggie kept this aspect of her character from the comics.

(via io9)