Supergirl episode 312 - For Good - Morgan Edge

Supergirl and Lena take on Morgan Edge in this week's episode

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Jan 29, 2018

Here be spoilers for Supergirl Season 3, Episode 12: "For Good."

Kara is anxious waiting for the World Killers to show themselves. In the meantime, there is some Morgan Edge drama to deal with.

After bumping into Lena and James on their way to breakfast, Edge collects his car from the valet but soon discovers his car has been hacked. The brakes don't work, and the car keeps accelerating. He finally tucks and rolls out of the car before it explodes into the water. He goes straight to CatCo to accuse Lena of trying to kill him, and make threats against her. Lena doesn't show it, but she is scared. She believes Edge won't stop until he kills her.

The gang has to prove that someone else is behind the attempt on Edge's life. Kara checks in with her police contacts, but they have no evidence that Edge's car was hacked or in any way tampered with. Suddenly Lena collapses, foaming at the mouth. The coffee Eve just brought her was poisoned. James races to the coffee cart and gives chase to the hit man who made the poisoned coffee. As James catches up with the hit man, a bullet drops him dead.

Supergirl episode 312 - For Good - James Olsen
​​​​​​Meanwhile, Kara, without changing into Supergirl, flies Lena to the DEO, where along with Alex's help they stop the cyanide from pumping through Lena's body. Kara returns her to CatCo, where, when she wakes, they tell her she was poisoned -- but treated by paramedics. Seeing Kara flying instead of Supergirl was a totally weird thing for me. Even though I know they are one and the same, there is a disconnect that I just can't make my brain come to terms with.

James throws on his Guardian suit (how long has it been since we've seen that?) and attacks Edge, accusing him of poisoning Lena. Edge denies he did it, but does not try to hide the fact that he is upset Lena survived. It's a little bit frustrating that everyone automatically jumps to the easiest explanation. To me, as a TV viewer, it seems obvious that someone is setting up Edge and Lena to try to manipulate them into killing one another.

The bullet that the hit man was killed with was a disappearing bullet. There was no evidence of a bullet at the crime scene. This sounds familiar to Lena, who discovers a file on disintegrating bullets at her office. She follows the info, which leads her to a factory, where her mother is waiting for her. Mommy dearest is proud that she followed her breadcrumbs, much faster than Lex would have. She claims that she is there to protect her daughter and wants to take out Edge. Lena insists that if she wanted him dead, she would do it herself. But mom really wants to kill Edge, and after declining the offer several times, Lena finally says okay. Apparently it was mom's promise to have it "done by the end of the night" that was the clincher.

Supergirl episode 312 - For Good - Guardian
Lena returns to CatCo and confides to Kara that she almost killed Edge a few months ago -- and would have, had Edge not outsmarted her. She also tells Kara that her mom is planning to kill Edge tonight. A conveniently placed news piece tells them that tonight he is at a national parks gala.

Lena and Kara get dressed up and go to the gala. They have to sneak in, but once in, Lena goes straight to Edge and makes him a devil's deal: Admit you tried to kill me -- on tape -- and I will prevent my mom from killing you. Edge laughs at this terrible deal, until a drone wings in and starts shooting at him. Edge finally admits to Lena that he tried to kill her and Lena throws his name badge out for the drone to shoot. Lillian comes out, angry that her daughter wouldn't let her kill Edge. The drone flies down and turns into a LexoSuit, which causes Winn (who is watching the whole thing at the DEO) scream like a fanboy. Supergirl has showed up, and Lillian knocks her back. Luckily Mon-El shows up, and the two do battle in the sky.

Edge grabs the recorder and runs, Lena hot on his trail (despite the fact that she has to take short, jiggly, girly steps due to her high heels and tight dress). Meanwhile, because there aren't enough superheroes around, Guardian shows up, cutting off Edge and allowing Lena to get her recorder back -- and a kick to his face.

In the aftermath, Edge is arrested, and he vows to get out and kill Lena. Lillian is going to be arrested after she is taken to the hospital, but she and Lena seem to have taken some legitimate steps toward respect. Not like, but respect.

The next day, at the DEO, Winn announces that he has cross-checked meteor showers with various hospital intakes and has narrowed down the World Killers to four potential women. Kara recognizes one of the women from a dream, and is certain she is one of them.

Elsewhere, Alex is running tests on Sam to figure out why she is losing time. There is a surprising amount of screen time given to this plotline, but ultimately all her tests come back clean. Despite cheers from her girlfriends, Sam is still worried. I am really excited for the reveal when Kara, Alex, and Lena find out that Sam is Reign. They are building it up, and I hope it won't disappoint.

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