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Supergirl cast reveals more Lex Luthor, Leviathan in Season 5 at SDCC

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Jul 20, 2019, 8:42 PM EDT (Updated)

The CW’s Supergirl made some massive changes to its world last season with the introduction of Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) and the culmination of some long-simmering anti-alien sentiment — so where does Earth 38 go next? The cast and crew flew into San Diego Comic-Con to answer those questions, and offer up a sneak peek at Season 5.

Producer Robert Rovner opened up about the themes that will propel the next season of the series, and said they'll be taking a deep dive into the effect technology has on our lives. That will lead to the introduction of Leviathan into the canon this year. Leviathan was teased in the Season 4 finale, and the writers are already looking at how to pay that off.

"This season will be about how technology impacts us, and how people use it to escape from what happens in their lives," he said. "We've seeing how our villains use technology against us, and our heroes try to bring us back."

Jon Cryer popped out as a surprise moderator for the panel, which made sense once the producers confirmed he will be back in Season 5 to cause more trouble as the small screen Lex Luthor. They also revealed CatCo will be getting a new head in Julie Gonzalo (Veronica Mars), who will play DC character Andrea Rojas. Staz Nair (Game of Thrones) will play William Dey, a new reporter with a dark side will join the bullpen as a foil for Kara. Megan Rath, star Jesse Rath's sister, will also join the cast as a female Brainiac-5 this year.

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Melissa Benoist had a chance to talk about her new super-suit, which will be formally introduced in the new season. Though it's obviously a clear change to drop the skirt and give the character pants, she said it was as much a practical as philosophical choice.

"There were some logistics that needed to be addressed, because it's cold in Vancouver, and I was a little tired of having my bare legs exposed to the wind and the snow," she said. "But it felt like the perfect evolution, and it just felt like time. I love it."

Original co-star Mehcad Brooks, who has played James Olsen since the pilot, also had a chance to reflect on his upcoming exit from the series. He will be leaving the show midway through the fifth season, and said it was one of the hardest things he's done to this point in his career.

"I've been here since Day 1, and I can honestly say I've never done a series where this many people get along this well for this long. It's really a lot tougher than I thought it would be because I love these people, they're my family," Brooks said. "I didn't grow up able to see a superhero who looked like me, at all. The fact they took a chance on someone who doesn't look like Jimmy Olsen, and made me him and then a superhero... and we dealt with racism and put it into the context of bullying. This has been the most important job of my life so far."

Andrea Brooks, who plays Eve Tessmacher, also revealed she's been promoted to a series regular in the upcoming fifth season.

The creative team showed off a special video presentation, which featured Supergirl's new suit (complete with pants!), and Lena taking a swing at Supergirl, who she now knows is actually Kara. So, the fallout of that relationship will definitely have a role to play in the fall. But, the footage was mostly about setting the stage for the distraction of technology, like a low-key Black Mirror set-up.

News was light in regards to the pending Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event, with The Monitor now creeping around on Earth 38 as of the Season 4 finale. Fans will have to wait until this fall to find out how all that plays out.

The fifth season of Supergirl is set to air this fall on The CW.

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