Supergirl gets girly and drops a huge Smallville reference in episode 306

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Mar 26, 2021, 6:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Spoiler Alert! The following contains major spoilers from Supergirl Season 3, Episode 6: "Midvale."

Maybe this is old-school thinking, but when I sit down to watch a superhero show, I expect some fighting, an alien or a weird mutant bad guy, and maybe a funny quip or two. I do not need sisterly drama. It was like watching a live-action retelling of a Nancy Drew book. It was sappy and saccharine and not at all what I want out of a superhero show.

Kara and Alex go home for some TLC after their break-ups. On the upside, instead of watching the two of them mope for the entire episode, we go back in time. On the downside, we get the teenage drama of two sisters learning to come to terms with one another.


In high school, Alex and Kara hated each other. Honestly, it didn't seem much different than any other sibling rivalry. My little brother and I were at each other's throats when we were kids. Kara's only friend, Kenny, shows up dead one morning, murdered after he and Kara spend an evening stargazing together. Alex admits that Kenny was tutoring her in calculus, so she considered him a friend. With that shared purpose, they join together to find Kenny's killer. Kara at first thinks it is Jake, the high school quarterback, because Kenny caught him smoking pot. Jake has an alibi. The girls find Kenny's computer hidden in the woods, but some of the data is corrupted. The producers use this as an excuse to tie in the Smallville universe. Kara sends the corrupted files to "Clark's friend, Chloe," because she is really good with all that computer stuff. I hated Smallville, and Chloe was one of my least-favorite characters on that show, so I had this fear throughout the rest of the episode that Chloe was going to show up. She didn't, luckily.

Anyway, the girls find a photo of Josie, Alex's best friend, kissing their history teacher, Mr. Bernard. Kenny emailed Mr. Bernard about this the night before he was killed. Alex thinks this means Mr. Bernard is the killer and turns him in to the police. On the way home from school, a car runs Alex and Kara off the road, and it seems to back up Alex's theory. Mr. Bernard is arrested and Josie is grounded for life, but she inadvertently offers up an alibi for Mr. Bernard, which means that he couldn't have tried to kill the Danvers girls, so he isn't Kenny's killer. It is insinuated that Mr. Bernard is only in jail because of the suspicion of murder, not statutory rape. At least Alex refers to it as  statutory rape.

The files come back from Chloe, and Kara discovers that Kenny had photos of the town sheriff engaging in a drug deal. Around this time, Alex is talking with the sheriff, who unsettlingly wants to take her into a private room in an empty school. Kara calls to warn Alex, but by then the sheriff has his gun on Alex. Kara is scared, and even though she promised Eliza she wouldn't use her powers again, she uses them to save Alex.

In the end, the sheriff goes to prison, Alex can no longer hang with the cool kids, and she and Kara become BFFs.


Tonight was all about showing how the sisters became best friends, and how Kara "learned" not to use her powers. As a side story, Kara wouldn't listen to Eliza about just being a regular human girl, so she brought in some help: an FBI agent who looked exactly like Kara's mother. Kara promises not to get involved in the investigation and not to use her powers. It turns out it was J'onn in disguise. Ultimately, that scene was pointless, because Kara didn't really learn anything. Despite all the interventions Eliza took, Kara used her powers again and again, always for good, and always with positive results. In the end, it wasn't a speech from her fake mom that made Kara feel like she fit in; it was finding a photo of herself flying among Kenny's photos. Kara was pleased that, not only did Kenny not tell anyone, it also means that he liked all of her, the real Kara.

What did you think of tonight's episode? A nice change of pace, or a boring hour of television?