Supergirl goes emo and takes shots at Trump in the Season 3 premiere

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Mar 26, 2021, 5:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Supergirl is kicking ass. Crime in the city is down 65 percent. Then again, it is easy to take a huge bite out of crime when it takes your mind off of missing the love of your life.

A lot went down in Monday's Season 3 premiere of Supergirl. A faster-than-a-speeding-bullet recap, to start:

Maggie and Alex are involved in a high-speed chase with a big rig. Supergirl flies in to save them from a barrage of bullets, and the guy gets away. Testing at the DEO identifies the perp as Robert DuBois, aka Bloodsport. Supergirl follows him to a military warehouse, where she encounters an invisible ship that shoots lasers. DuBois is there, but Supergirl lets him go in order to check on an injured soldier. Further investigation by the DEO reveals that DuBois stole a high-pressure regulator from the military, as well as the cloaking device from a Daxamite ship. The group decides he could use the stolen booty to drop a nuke on the city without anyone or any instrument detecting it — not even Supergirl. Naturally, the unveiling of the Supergirl statue is coming up. Seems like an easy target, and the team rolls out. An explosion hits the waterfront, but no one can figure out where the missile came from. Supergirl figures out that it came from underwater, and shoots into the water to stop the submarine from blowing up the waterfront.

It turns out that DuBois was being paid by Morgan Edge, a billionaire developer who planned to blow up the waterfront so that he could buy it and build high-priced condos on the spot. Supergirl flies him out to a cargo ship and leaves him atop a towering pile of cargo containers.

Oh, and we get our first glimpse of Reign this week. She wakes from a dream that is just like one Kara had at the opening of the show. But the woman in blue who turns around isn't Kara's mother; it's some hideous deformed woman who scares Reign from her sleep. We also see a small spaceship, buried in the ocean that had been uncovered by one of DuBois' missiles. I assume this is supposed to be Reign's ship.


All of the "action" in this episode was just something to keep audiences awake through the majority of the episode, which at its core was really just emo Kara moping around because she misses Mon-El. Most people probably won't have an issue with this, but I have no soul, so I cannot connect with the character and feel any sympathy or empathy. It wasn't just like Kara was sad; she was actively pushing people away. Hell, she even quit CatCo, albeit briefly. It was just really obnoxious. For someone who doesn't have a soul, I find smiley sunshine Kara to be adorable, and I missed her terribly. Luckily she was back to her old smiley self by episode's end.


Unfortunately, the episode just wasn't well plotted, and ultimately was a disappointment for a season premiere. DuBois was a nothing character. He wasn't well shaped and obviously was just filler for Kara in her angsty moment. The one plot point that could have been interesting was "solved" in about 20 minutes. Morgan Edge (who is clearly modeled after Trump) decides that he is going to buy CatCo, and even admits to Lena Luthor that he is doing it to control the editorial voice and essentially shut down free press in National City. This is almost an afterthought. His purchase of CatCo is only a minute in two scenes. Then, at the end of the episode, Lena tells Kara she bought CatCo so Morgan couldn't get his paws on it.

Speaking of politics, Cat Grant is back -- as the president's press secretary. This is a great role for her, and it solves the problem of Calista Flockhart not wanting to relocate to Vancouver. She can appear in every episode, in televised press conferences, which can be shot in Los Angeles. The show gets a few serious digs in at Trump with her press conferences. First, Cat insists that the president believes in climate change -- "she's not an 8-year-old child!" Then, in a second press conference, Cat insists that the president is not having the Speaker of the House "bugged," then goes on to say that the Speaker says so much weird stuff that "nothing he says is too strange anymore."

Despite an overall underwhelming episode, there were a few great lines. Winn mentions that Supergirl has gone from "little miss sunshine to ... well, Alex, basically." Later in the episode, Lena says to Morgan: "You have all the charisma of a Michael Douglas movie from the '90s."

I was underwhelmed by the season premiere of Supergirl. What did you think? Did normal people with souls enjoy the episode?