Supergirl has found Lex Luthor's sister Lena for Season 2

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Aug 5, 2016, 12:44 PM EDT

The Man of Steel isn’t the only new addition in Season 2 of Supergirl, and now the relocated CW series has found Lex Luthor’s sister.

TV Line reports actress Katie McGrath (Merlin) has joined the series as Lena Luthor, who will be running Luthor Corp. in the s-verse. It seems Lex is already a famous supervillain, so Lena has been tasked with re-branding the billion-dollar Luthor Corp. empire as “a force for good.” She’ll come into play this season once Kara is roped into Lena’s world, and Supergirl must determine whether she can be trusted.

In a nice bit of symmetry, the character of Lena has recently rejoined the DC Comics universe, with Lex Luthor trying to earn her respect. Sure, she’s in a coma, but symmetry.

The CW version of Supergirl will certainly look a good bit different than the first season on CBS, and Calista Flockhart’s alter ego Cat Grant will transition into a recurring player this season (since production moved from Cali to Canada). The new season will also be introducing Tyler Hoechlin as Superman himself. That’s certainly exciting, but we just hope it doesn’t shake things up too much — because Season 1 was actually pretty great.

Supergirl premieres Oct. 10 on The CW.


(Via TV Line)