Chosen One of the Day: The empty grave in which Supergirl's Sanvers, our gays, are not buried

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May 22, 2017, 3:30 PM EDT

Oh dear, sweet Empty Grave. You isolated unused hole in some remote patch of dirt. You wanted so badly to be yet another home to #BuryYourGays, that trope which fills so many queer-shipping TV viewers' eyes with tears and bloodshot rage, the burying of our gays.

For just about a full season of Supergirl, you've waited, patiently, to claim the lives of either one Alex Danvers or her paramour, Maggie Sawyer. Week by week you've eyed the sapphic bond between these two, anticipating that maybe, just maybe, one would trip into your open edge and be buried within you forever.

Well, Empty Grave, I admire your efforts, even as I celebrate the fact that as of the end of this season, those efforts were entirely in vain. You have stood in constant vigil, through rumors of show departures and contract negotiations. You binge-watched ex-girlfriends bringing damning information about Maggie's past, or that time Alex almost drowned in that cage or something. You waited for your moment. But you still have to wait, because Sanvers lives.

Sure, I know what you're saying, there's a third season a-brewing, sure, your gravedigger tells us, Maggie could go at any moment, leaving our poor sweet Alex heartbroken and yet brimming with pathos like every other surviving member of a televised gay couple who your grave brethren have claimed. (Although, hey Adler, Berlanti, Kreisberg and crew: If Maggie leaves by just leaving, Kate Kane as a replacement maybe? She and Alex could commiserate over their Maggie-based broken hearts together. Plus you know, kick stuff.)

Someday you may very well win, Empty Grave in Which Our Gays, Sanvers, Are Not Buried. But that day is not today.

And so today you remain merely a respected adversary.

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