Alex is kidnapped in the latest Supergirl

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May 5, 2017, 11:52 AM EDT (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "Alex," the latest episode of The CW's Supergirl!

The short version: Alex is kidnapped by a guy doing his best Saw impression. He wants Supergirl to bust his dad out of prison. Kara and Maggie butt heads but become pals. Maggie and Alex are adorbs.

The good: The (admittedly heavy-handed) butting of heads, badass Alex, the Sanvers of it all

Trent: They set the theme for this one at dinner in the opening scene with Maggie and Kara butting heads over vigilante justice. Which makes some sense, with Maggie being a cop and seeing it from that perspective, if they did come at this in a rather clunky way across the dinner table. That subplot plays out after Alex is kidnapped as Kara and Maggie continue to butt heads over how to handle her potential rescue. Maggie wants to think it out while Kara wants to go barreling in and punch the problem in the face. It's an interesting thread to pull, though they could've admittedly handled it with a bit more care. When Maggie goes rogue and Kara has to talk her out of it, it seems oddly out of character. Yes, it makes sense that she'd do anything to save Alex, but still ... it's as if no one really learned anything here.

She spent most of the episode locked in a box but Alex was a stone cold badass all the way through. She uses her training to try and send a message to the DEO and even pulls out some Navy SEAL concepts to get a bit more air when she starts running out. Oh, and that sucker punch was pretty good, too. Also: The relationship between Maggie and Alex took a big step forward this week. It was sweet, heartfelt and actually had some good chemistry for the first time in a while. Progress!

Dany: I like the part where Lena and Kara talk about going to brunch. I would rather watch 42 minutes of that brunch than most of this episode, just to be totally real with y'all. I keep wanting to love the Sanvers, but the Sanvers, she continues to be kind of a boring 'ship. I guess they love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together now? That's nice? I wish there was more chemistry, though. I don't know how Maggie saving her girlfriend from being drowned didn't ignite some passion in me. Is it me?

Oh, I like all the scenes with Lena minus the Teri Hatcher part because that character is kinda corny.

The bad: This kidnapping seems pretty dumb, the plot holes

Dany: This was not a good episode. The bad guy and his manpain over his dad didn't really go anywhere, the "Supergirl loses her cool and does a stupid thing" schtick is starting to get really stale and Teri Hatcher needs to go back to Planet Hatcher ASAP. I know she won't but I can't deal with how dull the Daxamites have been thus far.

They should bring Lena's mom back. Just get some Cadmus up in this piece and drop the Daxamites.

Related to the actual plot, the ending where everyone's cool with the bad guy getting a mind-wipe except he should remember Alex punching him in the face? I'm supposed to like these people, right? See them as heroes, yeah? Maybe try and work on that, show. Everyone was kind of a dingus this episode.

Trent: It was a fun enough story once it got rolling, but the setup that an old middle school classmate manages to outsmart Supergirl and the DEO is bordering on silly, right? Yes, the dude has been planning this for a year, but does that give him hacker skills that make Winn look like he works for Geek Squad? And how the heck did he block Martian Manhunter's mind-reading abilities? Even if he knew he could read minds, that doesn't make it easy to block it, right? If it's that easy, why doesn't everyone? My point: All the planning in the world can't make a guy who is seemingly just some rando a super genius.

To that end, there were just some boneheaded plot holes here. Like, so they recover the computer with a straight connection to the camera in Alex's cell but Winn can't track that signal back? Really? Also, no one thinks to go back and talk to the dad again once they've put the pieces together to see if he might know something (or be able to talk some sense into his kid)? It's the master stroke that saved the day, but they could've done it hours earlier. Just go see him, say "Hey, your kid kidnapped a woman. We have him in custody. Cooperate, or your kid goes to prison forever?" You think Pops would've cave under that ultimatum? Come on, team. Think!

Lingering questions

Evil Teri Hatcher is doing some evil, and she's enlisting the help of Lena Luthor to indirectly achieve her nefarious goals. She's trying to build a portal, but for what? To go back home? To bring armies from their reestablished home world? To send Kara away so she can get Mon-El back? All good questions, but no good answers.

What's up with Cadmus? They've gone radio silent for a while now but Lillian Luthor has to be cooking up some evil plot. Maybe she's in cahoots with Zod in the season finale?

Next week: Children of the corn! Or something!

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