Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo want to make Daxam great again in the latest Supergirl

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Apr 27, 2017, 10:32 AM EDT (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "Star-Crossed," the latest episode of Supergirl!

The short version: Mon-El's parents show up and let the cat out of the bag that he's really the long-lost prince of Daxam. Oops. Kara breaks up with him because he lied, something that's been pretty much telegraphed ever since we knew Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo were playing his parents. Oh, and Winn's alien girlfriend frames him for stealing a Picasso.

The good: The effects work, the guest stars, Winn's side story, the WTF ending

Trent: The episode opens with a huge alien ship dropping out of the sky over National City, and it definitely looks good. We get some nice action scenes with Supergirl fighting the ship's defense tech (including a super-bubble, which is cooler than it sounds). For a show that can be uneven with effects work, this one nailed it. Oh, and the guest stars were great. Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo didn't have a ton to do, but you'd have to think this is only the beginning of their arc. Could their efforts to recruit Mon-El back to Daxam be his exit strategy? However it goes, Hatcher really seems to be having some fun with this role, and it's great to see her back in the DC universe.

Aside from the Daxam revelations, a whole lot of the episode focused on Winn's girlfriend and an art heist to steal Van Gogh's "Starry Night." Which was, believe it or not, just random enough to kind of work. For a second there, it looked like they were gonna take the easy way out and leave poor Winn all alone again, but it turns out his alien girlfriend was only trying to rescue her brother from an evil alien art thief. Silly? Sure, but it was a fun B-story that actually gave Winn a chance to shine.

It'll be funny when people watch this show on streaming or Blu-ray and get to an ending like that pointing them to another show. Hey, I love the crossover craziness of the Arrowverse. But yeah, you'd be scratching your head if you're not versed on the whole multiverse. But it made for one heck of a fun tease, so viva la Music Meister.

Dany: Could you believe when Winn was about to go rogue tonight? I mean, you serious now, homie? Lyra played you, said she played you, and now you about to play yourself? I was about to lose my mind right there. Why does every episode gotta be about someone at the DEO deciding that, rather than having the backup of a highly trained agency, nah, I'm about to do it myself, haters.

Anyway, it worked out. Winn was just lying, he did tell the DEO what was up, and Alex Danvers showed up to save the day. So that was cool.

Also, Kara dumped Mon-El again? Maybe it'll keep this time. Yawn-El, more like, am I right?

The bad: Kara and Mon-el's "relationship," the show's lingering identity crisis

Dany: I will literally never care about Mon-El. Never. Mon-El is the fetch of the Supergirl-verse -- he isn't going to happen. Stop trying to make Mon-El happen, show.

This episode was not gay AT ALL. So that, too, was very bad.

Trent: The relationship between Kara and Mon-El has never been a great romance, but as soon as it was teased that Mon-El was lying and secretly the Daxam prince, it seemed so obvious that they'd use that reveal to manufacture some drama. And they did, in pretty much every way anyone who has ever watch a CW show would expect. Look, it makes sense Kara would be upset, etc. But, just try to find a way to tell that story in a more interesting way, as opposed to going with the story pretty much everyone expected weeks ago.

So, Kara is happily unemployed and doesn't really care about being a reporter anymore? Is CatCo even a factor in this show anymore? It was obvious Supergirl would have some changes with its move to The CW, and not all of them have been inherently bad. But c'mon, this is starting to feel like a completely different show. A big part of Season 1 was about Kara learning under a strong woman in Cat Grant. But Cat Grant left because Calista Flockhart didn't want to follow the production to Canada, and that loss has been felt. Now, it seems like Kara's burgeoning career to be a reporter is essentially a non-factor (at least for the moment) or that she might go solo and start a blog (*eye roll*) or something. It'd be a shame to see CatCo, such a key part of the show's DNA, basically abandoned.

Lingering questions

WTF is happening with that weird dude that we all know is the Music Meister? So, how did the DEO capture him? And what crime did he commit? How did he know they would conveniently be holding that cross-dimensional thingie from Cisco? Why did he leave it when he jumped dimensions? Oh, whatever — bring on the tunes.

Next week: More Daxam drama, but first The Flash musical crossover on Tuesday night!