Supergirl star on how they plan to dig deeper into the Martian mythology

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Dec 18, 2015, 4:42 PM EST (Updated)

CBS’s Supergirl dropped a major bombshell a couple of weeks ago, and it sounds like we’ll get some payoff once the show returns in 2016.

Spoilers ahead for Supergirl Season 1!

After flirting with the DC canon in its first several weeks, Supergirl took a deep dive with the shocking reveal that DEO director Hank Henshaw is actually the Martian Manhunter in disguise. Sure, Supergirl doesn’t actually know that yet (the reveal was made to her sister Alex), but it sounds like the show will be peeling back some layers for the Martian backstory.

Series co-star David Harewood, who plays Henshaw, told TV Line we’ll actually meet a White Martian in the back half of the season. The arc will hit in Episode 11, which will be the third installment after the show resumes in 2016:

“We have a visitor from another planet who’s a White Martian. There are two Martian species — a Green Martian species and a White Martian species — and the White Martians, in our story, are responsible for the death of the whole of the Green Martians.”

In the comic canon, the White Martians (or Pale Martians) are typically portrayed as warlike baddies and savage warriors. It seems Supergirl will be following a bit of that track.

(Via TV Line)