Supergirl Mon-El and Imra Legion

Supergirl star says mistrust is brewing with Legion of Super-Heroes in midseason return

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Apr 13, 2018, 7:39 PM EDT

When last we saw Mon-El (Chris Wood) and his wife Imra (Amy Jackson) before Supergirl went on a lengthy hiatus, this one was about to drop a huge truth bomb on her hubby by revealing the Legion of Super-Heroes’ true mission. When the show finally returns on Monday, it looks like the reveal will cause some major waves for everyone involved.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Wood — who will soon don Mon-El’s iconic red suit, cape and all — explained that the Legion withholding the real reason why they traveled back in time from the 30th century from him could not only create problems for the Legion, but also for the DEO. Having kept secrets from Kara (Melissa Benoist) back in Season 2 (such as hiding the fact that he was the Prince of Daxam), Mon-El will now find out what it's like having secrets being kept from him.

“Mon-El thought that he was spearheading this mission to come back, to stop the Worldkillers,” Wood told EW. “What he didn’t know was this Plan B was really Plan A that was happening without his approval that Imra and Brainy put together. He’ll find out exactly what that plan was, and why they left him out of it. Obviously, that presents some problems for the Legion, and for the DEO, because there’s a level of mistrust that comes with withholding information, which is a lesson Mon-El has learned multiple times, but this time he’s on the other side of it.”

Will the secret in turn inspire Mon-El to reveal to Kara the fact that he’s actually in an arranged marriage with Imra and give hope to Karamel shippers? Wood says we’ll have to stick around to find out. “It definitely becomes an important element of their relationship moving forward in how much to reveal and when, and who does that really burden or help if he chooses to do that? That becomes his dilemma,” Wood concluded.

To whet our appetite for the show’s highly anticipated midseason return, a sneak peek has been released which shows all's not well with J'onn J'onzz’s (David Harewood) father, M’yrnn (Carl Lumbly). 

Supergirl returns with “Schott Through the Heart” on April 16 on The CW.

(via EW)