Supergirl still mopes and faces her greatest fears

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Mar 26, 2021, 8:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Spoiler Alert! This post contains massive spoilers about Supergirl Episode 302, "Triggers." 

Thankfully, Kara is less emo in this episode than in the season premiere. She is still mopey and struggling, but that is understandable. Plus, the villain this week is pretty decent. Unfortunately, it has a weird, anti-climactic ending.

The main villain this week is Gayle Marsh, who has earned the nickname Psi. She robs banks, and the employees and customers all seem to just stand out of her way and let her in. She uses no weapons and doesn't touch anyone, and tests show no toxins were used in the heist. Supergirl meets Psi at her next robbery, and Supergirl is hit with a psychic blast that forces her to relive the most terrifying experience in her life: when her parents put her in her space pod and sent her away from Krypton. She is scared and basically falls apart, allowing Psi to finish her thievery and walk out. After getting a clean bill of health from Winn, Supergirl vows that she won't let this get to her. Alex mentions that she used to have claustrophobia when she was young, something that Supergirl denies. "That's a human problem," she contends.


A second meeting with Psi in a parking structure with similar results. From the DEO, Hank tries to put up a psychic shield, but Psi overrides it and knocks Hank out. She then pummels Supergirl psychically, causing her to experience more of the explosion of Krypton, before Supergirl finally snaps out of it. Back at the DEO, Supergirl confides in Winn what she saw, and that Psi is targeting people's fears.

Psi hits another bank, causing Kara to leave work abruptly. In the elevator, Kara — halfway through transitioning to Supergirl — has a panic attack. It isn't clear if this is just Kara's claustrophobia kicking in, or if Psi is blasting her from a distance, but it is severe enough that it causes Supergirl to explode out the top of the building in order to get some air -- literally. How is it that everyone at CatCo doesn't know she is Supergirl after all this?

After Alex gives Winn "the glare," he spills what Supergirl told him. She goes straight to her sister's apartment, finds her meditating, and finally gets Kara to open up about what is going on. Kara admits that the one constant in her identity is Supergirl, but if Psi keeps interrupting that, what does she have? "Me," Alex insists. Everyone gets the feels, and when Psi hits again — tearing up a city street — Supergirl is sent out with a psychic inhibiting ray. Either it doesn't work or Supergirl doesn't use it in time, because Psi hits her with a beam that throws her halfway across the city.


Alex finds Supergirl crying, and Supergirl finally admits that she fears that Mon-El is dead, that she sent him to his death. Alex assures her that she is sure Mon-El is still alive and reminds Supergirl that she saved him, just as her parents did. This was, apparently, all it took to get Supergirl's head straight. She flies back to Psy and stands before her defiantly while Psi repeatedly tries to psychic-shock her. It doesn't work, and Supergirl head-butts her. That's it. Psi goes down; the city is saved.

Holy hell, I hope this heals Supergirl/Kara. I was actually okay with the majority of the episode, but that ending was just crap. All it took was for Alex to say, "I believe Mon-El is still alive," and then Supergirl's brain is impervious, and a simple head butt takes Psi down? Lame! It feels like the writers got to the end of the episode and realized they had to wrap the episode up in two pages.


There was other stuff going on in tonight's episode. Ruby gets into a fight at school because another kid didn't believe her when she said her mom has superpowers. Then she gets mad at Sam, claiming her mom doesn't believe her when she says she has superpowers. It's a stupid argument. "I'm mad at you mom, for not believing me when I tell you that you have a third arm!" Anyway, Ruby "runs away" (goes to have pizza without telling her mom) and just happens to find herself at the epicenter of Psi's destruction. So she tells her mom to come save her and wades out in the middle of it all. Sam arrives and rushes to collect Ruby from the center of the melee. But it is Supergirl who protects the two from an enormous wrecking ball that nearly squishes them. Later on, Sam goes to her workbench for a lightbulb and tries to bend a crowbar in half. She fails.

Meanwhile, Lena Luthor has decided that, since she now owns CatCo, she is going to work there full time. It's strange, because last week she said she was basically buying it to protect it from becoming a mouthpiece for Morgan Edge. She doesn't know anything about running a media empire, but this week she makes it known that she is putting all her effort into the company. That doesn't seem to be good business. If she wants to learn the business, that is one thing. But she doesn't communicate with James, which annoys James. By the end of the episode, they seem to be on friendly terms, so whatever that could have or should have been didn't go anywhere.

But we do get a big "reveal" at the end of this episode. Sam is going to replace Lena at L Corp. The producers make it seem like this is a big moment, but so far in this show, it's not. It's only a big moment if you know that Sam is going to be Reign. Let's face it -- most of us internet nerds know this is going to happen, and one can assume that can lead to some danger. But the way the show has been set up so far, Sam is just a normal single mom, doing the best she can to raise a pre-teen daughter. So the dramatic introduction to Kara seems overblown.

Also, Maggie and Alex are going to face a tough time in a few episodes when they finally have the talk about wanting kids. Alex wants them; Maggie doesn't. They never really talked about it, and when Maggie said in tonight's episode that she doesn't see herself as a "mom," Alex blows it off, saying she doesn't care if she is a mom or not. So that is going to be a thing, and probably prevent them from getting married (or at least cause them to break up for a time). So we have that to "look forward to."

The night's most interesting moment came in the last scene of the episode. Hank is having a drink, alone, at the bar, when he has a vision of M'gann sitting across from him, in full Martian form, urging him to come to Mars. There is no one there, but Hank is shaken, and as we see in scenes for next week's episode, Hank is going to Mars.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Is it an improvement from last week? Do you think we will see Kara a little happier next week?