Supergirl Episode 311 Fort Rozz - Supergirl, Saturn Girl, Livewire, Psi

Supergirl takes girl power to the next level in this week's episode

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Jan 23, 2018, 12:27 PM EST (Updated)

Tonight's episode of Supergirl takes girl power to a whole new level. Literally.

The following recap is chock full of spoilers for Supergirl Season 3, Episode 11: "Fort Rozz." If you need to catch up, check out last week's recap here.

Supergirl thinks that a priestess in Fort Rozz has info on Reign that may help bring her down. It appears that the inmate most likely to have the info they are after is Jindah Kol Rozz — the woman for whom the prison is named. (Fun fact: Sarah Douglas, who plays Jindah, also played Ursa in Superman and Superman II.)

Unfortunately, Fort Rozz has been pulled into orbit around a blue star. Supergirl won't have her powers up there, and to complicate things, the blue star is poisonous to those with a Y chromosome. Meaning, the boys will literally die if any try to accompany them. Does this mean that aliens like Mon-El and J'onn J'onzz have the same genetic makeup as humans? Since J'onn is a shapeshifter, I feel like he would have a completely different genetic makeup. I am probably just overthinking this.

So anyways, Supergirl has to gather a squadron of kick-ass females to join her in her mission to space. Imra's Saturn Girl (Amy Jackson) is, naturally, on board given her love for but the more the merrier. Supergirl approaches her former nemesis, Leslie Willis' Livewire (Brit Morgan), who's currently working as a cranky diner waitress in an attempt to "go straight" and avoid the wrath of Reign. Though she fights it, Livewire is eventually on board — purely for her own self-interest, of course. Rounding out the group is Psi (Yael Grobglas), who is equally as grumpy as Livewire; she's just quieter about it.

Fort Rozz is mostly empty — after all, all the men were killed — and the cell doors are all open. The girls find an angry warrior and take her into custody on their ship, determined to get information out of her. In the fight, Psi (who has had her power-interfering headband removed) blasts Imra with a psychic force that temporarily scrambles her brain. Saturn Girl is okay (though I wouldn't be surprised if there are long-term effects that are discovered later), but Supergirl's trust in Psi diminishes and the headband goes back on.

Supergirl episode 311 Fort Rozz - Supergirl, Jindah Kol Rozz

It doesn't take much before the captured warrior lets it spill that there was another woman who was "supposed to join us" but got soft. Jindah killed her. The warrior says that if Supergirl and her team really want to take the chance, she'll tell them where to find Jindah. And, of course, the team wants to know.

Before the ladies can go back into Fort Rozz, though, there is a crash and a partial communication from Mon-El comes through before they lose all communication. It turns out Fort Rozz has been knocked off-course by a solar flare and is now hurtling towards the blue star. The docking port is jammed, which means Saturn Girl's spaceship will be dragged into the star as well.

Supergirl and Livewire head back into Fort Rozz to find Jindah while Saturn Girl tries to fix the ship. Psi stays behind too, on a "time out" for attacking Imra. Meanwhile, back at home, the boys are impotent as they try to figure out a way to save the girls.

Duh — these girls don't need saving!

Supergirl confronts Jindah, who isn't happy to see her; after all, it was Kara's mom who imprisoned her, and Jindah holds a grudge. But Jindah does reveal that "the others will awaken and unite under Reign: the power, the pestilence, the purity." It's not much to go on, but it has to be enough. Reign shows up, sent by her mentor after being warned that Supergirl is about to discover her dastardly plot. Reign destroys Jindah and brags to Supergirl that her powers aren't dependent on the sun. Supergirl tries to reason with her and, shockingly, it doesn't work. Luckily, Livewire shows up and starts battling Reign with surprisingly effective ferocity.

Winn finally figures out how to get a message to the girls by bouncing a signal off a Voyager shuttle. Brainy announces to Saturn Girl that he can guide them out of there. She agrees, hesitantly, to de-headband Psi so she can go help Supergirl and they can get out of there.

Supergirl Episode 311 Fort Rozz - Livewire, Reign

Livewire is doing fairly well in holding her own against Reign, but Reign seems to be getting bored of taking it easy on her. Livewire is losing the fight — but then Psi shows up and blasts Reign with a psychic wave. She gets a vision of Ruby screaming for her mother. Reign is knocked off-center, and the human, Sam-side of her returns. She is panicked and doesn't know where she is. She flies out of Fort Rozz, leaving Supergirl to tend to Livewire, who is fried. Livewire is dead.

Back on Earth, Supergirl is grateful that Psi saved her and asks her guards to give her a better room. Psi smiles shyly (aww, a budding friendship!), but Kara is still wrestling with her guilt over Livewire's death. Mon-El insists she confides in him, promising he is a "better listener." Kara admits that wishes she had been able to reach Reign; maybe, then, Livewire would still be alive. Mon-El points out that Kara got through to Livewire, and she did it without her powers. This seems to cheer up Kara a little bit. (Hardcore feminists are going to look at this scene and say, "Sure, a man had to come in and make the woman feel useful again." I prefer not to look at it like that; it's just a way to kind of button up the story.)

On Earth, there is more girl power going on. Sam has to go out of town for a business meeting, and her babysitter cancels, so Alex volunteers to take care of Ruby. The girls have a real heart-to-heart and Ruby reveals one of her classmates has been cyberbullying her. So Alex visits the girl under the guise of being a federal agent and scares the hell out of the little girl. It was a moment of beauty. But when Sam arrives to pick up Ruby, she and Alex start talking and she realizes Alex thought she was away on business. Texts and calls from Lena send Sam into a panic as she realizes she has been losing time.

In the final scenes of the episode, we meet Purity, one of the other Worldkillers. Julia is taking a walk with a friend when an erratic driver races down the street. Julia is crushed pushing her friend out of the way. But after a minute pinned between two cars, Julia reveals not only is she alive, but she doesn't have a scratch on her. She pushes the car off her and her eyes glow white. A Worldkiller is born.

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