Supergirl meets The Thing (and loneliness!) in latest episode

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May 2, 2017, 1:20 PM EDT (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "The Martian Chronicles," the latest episode of The CW's Supergirl!

The short version: The White Martians come for Miss Martian, which ends in a freaky lockdown inside DEO headquarters. Kara might kinda have feelings for Mon-El, but she's confused, and lonely because all her friends are doing fun stuff without her.

The good: Supergirl does its Thing, the action, the Martian drama

Trent: This episode included some horror elements straight out of The Thing, and even when it was a bit heavy, it still worked. The White Martians infiltrate the DEO facility, leading the team members inside to slowly turn on each other as the fear and paranoia sets in that anyone could be a White Martian. They use the format to maximum effect, and even went ahead and used the stars for the big reveal — instead of taking the typical tack of having the red shirts turn out to be the aliens in disguise.

The eleventh-hour twist that Alex was also a White Martian was a nice touch, and they did an excellent job of masking that right up until the reveal. This show hasn't really delved into horror all that much, and this episode showed that it can work if handled the right way.

With some martian-on-martian-on-Supergirl fights, the pressure was on for this episode to deliver in the action department. For a show on a CW budget, it did pretty much everything it could and then some. The action was tight and the effects were mostly not cringe-worthy. Turning the spotlight on Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian was a nice way to handle this one, with Kara mostly taking a back seat to their burgeoning relationship. J'onn has been dealing with some complicated emotions this year and here it all came to a head in a satisfying way.

Dany: I like the part where Alex and Maggie were going to a Barenaked Ladies concert? Because they film in Canada now? Get it? HA HA HA?

The bad: Dumb decisions, a bit too much whining


Dany: Tonight's episode was way too hetero for comfort. Mon-El and Kara mooning over each other but at different times? Really? Give me SuperCorp or give me death, friends.

Also this episode was pretty boring. Kara feeling abandoned by Alex on her Earth Birthday felt Super Forced more than Supergirl. And despite the lockdown and all the red shirts, there wasn't a lot of tension or danger or the feeling that anything really bad would happen to anyone.

Did I mention this episode was too straight? I mean that Mon-El and Kara are chemistry-free in '93. Good grief are they boring. Thank goodness Lena Luthor is back next week.

Trent: So, Miss Martian narrowly escapes the White Martian death squad hunting her down and decides the best course of action is to fly back to Mars anyway to try to create a resistance from scratch. How does this even remotely seem like a good idea? Yes, the sentiment is sweet: She wants to go back to try to save others like her. But, are there any other 'good' White Martians? Won't she almost certainly be discovered upon landing and immediately put to death? This just felt like a way to manufacture drama and write the character off (at least for a while).

Kara, Kara, Kara. Man, does she have bad luck with relationships. She pretty much curb-stomps Mon-El's feelings with her borderline-mean awkwardness, then gets a little pouty when her friends have lives and things going on. Yes, she redeems herself in the end and realizes she was being petulant, but c'mon. This isn't a good look for Supergirl.

Line of the night:

"Monsters are real!" -Winn

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