Superman just made a shocking connection between the New 52 and Rebirth

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Mar 23, 2017, 2:02 PM EDT

DC’s ambitious Rebirth event is still unraveling, and the company is using the framework of introducing the Watchmen to this world as a way to take some major strides toward reconciling the splintered continuities that have developed over the past few years. Case in point: We finally have a Superman that should make everyone happy.

A quick refresher: There were two version of Superman and Lois Lane running around the DC universe for a while, including the pre-Flashpoint versions, and the younger versions from the last relaunch. The New 52 versions both seemingly bit the dust, and the “old” Superman and Lois have been the main ones for a while now. But, all that changed this week.

In the latest issue of Action Comics, issue 976, it’s revealed that these different versions of Superman and Lois Lane are literally splintered fragments of the same person all yearning to be reunited. They merged in this issue, creating “new” versions of Supes and Lois that have memories from the pre-Flashpoint era, as well as the events of the New 52. Supes even got a new look with a tweaked costume featuring some throwback design nods. Put simply, this is all the Supermen rolled into one.

As IGN notes, it’s implied that there could be splintered versions of all the DC heroes out there, just waiting to be reunited and made whole. The fact that Superman pulled it off also surprised the mysterious Dr. Oz, the figure (possibly Ozymandias from Watchmen?) who has been watching all these events since Rebirth. The best guess is that Doctor Manhattan splintered the reality of the DC universe at some point after Watchmen, and with Superman showing this can be undone, that precedent will almost certainly come back into play later on.

Setting up the DC universe vs. Doctor Manhattan, perhaps?

Did you like the twist? What do you think this means for the future of the DC universe?

(Via IGN)