Superman curse? Man of Steel's Cavill ain't scared of no curse

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May 31, 2013

It might be one of the oldest curses in Hollywood, but don't worry — “Superman’s Curse” doesn’t keep Man of Steel star Henry Cavill up at night.

The alleged “curse,” which chronicles misfortune involving actors and behind-the-scenes talent involved in the Superman franchise, has a storied history that dates back more than 60 years.

From 1951 Superman George Reeves’ controversial death by a gunshot wound to 1970s Superman Christopher Reeve’s paralyzing injury while riding a horse, there has been more than a fair share of bad luck surrounding the franchise.

As for Cavill, who will don the cape June 14 in Man of Steel? He says he doesn’t believe in the curse, though he does admit to some “bad luck” that has followed the series around:

“I have indeed heard of the curse. Well, I mean, I honestly don't believe there's a curse. I think there's been some bad luck in the past, especially when it comes to horses, and I don't mean that as a joke. My fiancée is an international show jumper and all the rest attached to that: you can fall off 1,000 times and be fired through fences and then the one time you're home out in the yard, all it takes is something to startle the horse and you're off and you fall the wrong way. There's bad luck, but I don't think it's any curse.”

Regardless, we wish Cavill the best — and it might not be a bad idea to be extra careful the next few months.

 (Via Movies.com)

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