Superman hits the road, and Kara meets her new boss in the latest Supergirl

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Oct 17, 2016

The short version: Metallo is wreaking havoc on Metropolis and National City, so Supergirl and Superman team up to take him down. Kara gets injured; Superman is upset the DEO keeps Kryptonite around; and Cat Grant leaves town.

The Super

Trent: Not surprisingly, Tyler Hoechlin’s version of Clark Kent continues to be an absolute highlight not only of this show, but also of the entire prime-time season. He’s just so darn likable, and that continues to be a blessing and a curse. He’s the hero Kara wants to be, and though she’s well on her way to getting there, it (accidentally) falls into those old tropes as much as it tries not to do so. This is Kara’s story, but every time Hoechlin is on screen, he just steals the spotlight. The CW isn’t allowed to add Superman as a series regular due to contract issues on the film side, but you have to wonder if negotiations might get a chance to open up just because Hoechlin is nailing this. Seriously, who wouldn’t watch a Superman spinoff starring this dude?

With Kara moving into the reporting side of the business, it created a void for Winn, since they were typically sneaking around the office doing Super-business. Officially incorporating him into the DEO was a natural way to keep him involved in the day-to-day superhero-ing, and he’s a lot of fun. But it seems like Winn is basically becoming a scientific deus ex machina for the team, and building alien battle armor is a pretty big (and fast) step up from tech support at CatCo.

There’s no way around it: It sucks that Calista Flockhart is reducing her role due to the production move from Cali to Canada, and in this episode we met her (spiritual) replacement: Veteran, jaded journalist Snapper Carr (Ian Gomez). Maybe it's just the ink-stained wretch in me, but I actually enjoyed Gomez’s take on the character. With Kara and Cat becoming such close pals by the end of Season 1 (which was great, in a lot of ways), it did reduce some of the workplace drama in the show. Giving Kara a shot to prove her bona fides in a newsroom should be a great change of pace for the show’s soft-reboot this year.

Superman and Martian Manhunter, flying together and fighting side by side on network television. Does it get any better?

Dany: I think what I liked most about this episode is what that newfound camaraderie between J'onn and Kal represented -- how people can find their similar needs and use them to compromise and grow together. Certainly if there was a theme to "The Last Children of Krypton" it was that. Not only did J'onn and Kal find common ground as survivors of planetary destruction, but they also found a way to trust each other despite so much external force telling them they shouldn't.

Likewise, Kara and Alex's sisterly bond goes through a baptism of fire with Superman's arrival. Yes, the "will Kara leave for Metropolis" concept was pretty ridiculous, but her pull toward Krypton is understandable as is Alex's frustration with being pushed aside. And, lo and behold, it's Winn who, in one of his best moments ever, reminds Alex of how hard it can be living as a foster kid and the patience adopted families may need to have sometimes. Supergirl is at it's best when it's teaching these kind of "stronger together" lessons. Funny, that: a show with a female lead being largely about how you need support to make the world a better place, eschewing the notion that one man alone cannot do it all. Almost intentional, you might say. Hmm.

And of course there's Calista. The writers knew she was leaving, she knew she was leaving, and gosh darn it if they didn't give her one heck of a send-off. So much love between Cat and Kara. Their bond has been the guiding light of Supergirl, and one can only hope the values Cat instilled will find a way to carry forward as the season progresses without her.

The Not-So Super


Dany: Why can't Superman just fly back and forth between cities? Why can't Supergirl? I mean, honestly. That plot hole is so big ... maybe that's why they can't travel so quickly. It's the plot hole! It's ... in the way? I dunno, man. That non-logic makes about as much sense as anything else we're expected to swallow on this score.

And as for Kara's new boss, Snapper Carr: I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for a few episodes, but this mansplainerific start was just what I was afraid of. If there's one thing Supergirl doesn't need, it's some blowhard bro acting like Kara hasn't been working for Cat @#$%ing Grant for years. Pretty sure she might've picked some journalistic stuff up along the way, my dude.

Also, was I the only one a little underwhelmed by Cadmus so far? Metallo seemed cool at first, but the whole situation turned into more explosions than conniving manipulation. If Cadmus wants to prove that aliens are a threat and not a help, then so far their report card from me is reading "Needs Improvement."

Trent: The introduction of Superman provided one heck of a spark to this two-episode opening, but Clark Kent officially headed back home this week. Sadly, there’s no definitive word on when we’ll see him again, but you have to think the creative team is working furiously to get another appearance cleared. It really is a shame to see him go, and we already got a look at the return of the super-cheesy text message communication between Clark and Kara. Lame.

Despite the fact that Snapper Carr looking promising, the exit of Cat Grant is going to be felt deeply in the DNA of this series. Season 2 certainly seems to be moving the show into a more superhero-y model in the vein of network peers Flash and Arrow, but in the process we look to be losing one of the best female friendships on television.

Kara even considering following Clark to Metropolis just came off as a weak character moment. We saw her develop her own agency, and strength, throughout Season 1 — but her super cousin comes to town for a couple of days and she’s seriously considering throwing her life away and bolting? It just didn’t feel genuine.

The Super Questions


Trent: The Cadmus story looks to be setting up as a major arc this season, along with the mystery surrounding Alex’s father. Looking forward to seeing Dean Cain again down the line.

They slipped it in, but James Olsen was promoted to pretty much run CatCo. That could be a lot of fun.

Dany: I just want to know where Cat is going? Take me with you, Cat!

Easter eggs: Kelex, Superman’s robot assistant, is kicking around in the Fortress of Solitude. And he looks great. The Crisis on Infinite Earths nod. That’s just awesome. Wynn crying when Superman complimented him was hilarious. Not an easter egg, but still a great geek-out moment.

Lines of the night

I’m with her.” - Superman.

I don't need you to like me, Jerk Guy.” - Kara.

Next week: That alien in a coma wakes up, and it seems like an all out war on Earth’s alien population.

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