Superman: Man of Steel producers legal feud

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Jul 4, 2015, 4:25 PM EDT

The legal issues between Brian Quintana and Jon Peters, the two producers on the new Warner Brothers/Legendary Pictures reboot Superman: Man of Steel were pretty turbulent this past December. At the time, The Hollywood Reporter's legal blog reported on Quintana suing Peters over money owed him as well as over alleged sexual harassment and "outrageous demands of his services.... [including] perjury, the forgery of signatures, the procurement of illegal drugs, tax and other accounting fraud, and the assistance and cover-up of some extreme sexual behavior."

Also among the demands reportedly placed on Quintana by Peters was a "request to help cover up the statutory rape of Peters' daughter."

The New York Post now reports that Peters has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from Quintana after he told Quintana, "I am going to cross this table and beat the ****ing **** out of you. I am going to kick your ass," at a deposition taking place at a Los Angeles law office on Aug. 12 pertaining to the sexual harassment lawsuit Quintana filed against Peters.

Quintana filed a police report on Aug. 14 that states, "Mr. Peters threatened to break my legs. I am afraid, nervous and anxious that Jon Peters is going to hurt or kill me." On Aug. 19, Quintana was granted a restraining order that would keep Peters from "threatening, assaulting or harassing him."

Peters' lawyer Joe Yanny claims the restraining order is unfounded and that Peters' losing his temper was due to Quintana throwing kisses at Peters during the deposition.

A hearing is set for Sept. 9 to determine how long the order will remain in effect.

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