General Zod in Superman II

Superman nemesis General Zod running for office in Canada

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Jun 1, 2018, 10:40 PM EDT

By this time next week, citizens of Canada will have the opportunity to kneel before Zod. And it may be better than their other options. 

Via BlogTo, the DC supervillain famously portrayed by Terence Stamp in Superman and Superman II is apparently becoming the dark horse candidate in a race for Ontario premier. It’s an impressive feat considering that Zod isn’t on the ballot and he doesn't really exist. However, there’s apparently enough discontent with the three real candidates running for the office that Zod’s campaign has taken on a life of its own. 

Toronto resident Zoltan Hawryluk created the General Zod campaign sign as a joke two weeks ago, but it’s been showing up on several lawns since Hawryluk made it available for download.

A parody Twitter account for Zod’s campaign has also been launched, and it states that "General Zod is dedicated to the subjugation of the people of Ontario. He is a ruthless dictator. In short, a better choice than Doug Ford."

We are very sympathetic toward his position on this particular issue. Only a monster would run on a platform of library closures! 

The following tweet is true. We've seen it happen!

Unlike some other politicians, General Zod doesn’t forget those who are loyal to him. His fellow Kryptonian war criminals, Ursa and Non, have been promised government positions following his victory at the polls. 

Since there has yet to be a fictional candidate who can actually hold office, Zod’s chances of winning are about the same as a mass escape from the Phantom Zone. The people of Ontario will have to make their choice on June 7. But we wouldn’t be surprised at all if Zod gets some write-in votes. 

Would you kneel before Zod instead of voting for your local politicians? Declare yourselves in the comment section below!