Superman The Movie extended edition will be soaring onto DVD — all three hours of it

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Sep 19, 2017

Super-extended DVDs are always awesome, but this one might be the most superpowered of them all.

When it landed on TV screens in 1982, Richard Donner’s 1978 Superman: The Movie had already soared to iconic status. ABC aired an unprecedented three-hour-long extension in an epic two-night broadcast that included footage that had previously been left behind in space, with more visions of pre-apocalypse Krypton, more of Smallville, and more of Christopher Reeve, swooping in to save Lois Lane and the planet (no big deal). There’s even more of John Williams’ unforgettable score — which you’ll recognize in a nanosecond if you know anything at all about superhero movies.

Now Warner Bros.’ Archive Collection has announced that the remaster of this elusive 188-minute extended edition is finally going to be released on home video after 35 years. Not just as a special edition with deleted scenes at the end but every high-flying, villain-busting, blasting-through-the-ceiling minute of it.

Every Superman fan needs this in their arsenal because Donner’s director's cut from 2000 will also be in the two-film collection, which will have more special features than Superman has powers. Think screen tests and documentaries that spin the earth backward for a rare glimpse into what it was like to bring one of the most amazing superhero movies of in the universe into being. Jor-el was originally supposed to appear as a bagel or a green suitcase voiced by Marlon Brando until Donner convinced him to wear that blinding white suit himself. James Caan just couldn’t handle wearing that spandex suit as the Man of Steel, who was almost actor Patrick Wayne until Reeve showed himself to be Donner’s Kryptonite.


There is no release date on the horizon yet, except that it’s at least supposed to appear like a bird or a plane in the sky sometime this year. Can you say "top holiday wish list contender"?  

(via io9)

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