Superman vs. Doctor Manhattan, Rorschach teased in first look at DC’s Doomsday Clock

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Aug 21, 2017, 1:28 PM EDT

DC Comics has been teasing out the mysterious role of the Watchmen ever since Rebirth began, and now it’s finally coming to a head in Doomsday Clock — and the first look certainly doesn’t pull any punches.

The three covers revealed for the project show an angry, Watchmen-esque crowd holding a sign touting “The End Is Near,” while the second shot reveals Superman literally coming apart into machinery as the face of Doctor Manhattan looms over the entire cover behind him. Supes will be basically going up against a god, it seems. Those two come from artist Gary Frank. The third shot is a lenticular cover using pre-existing art from Watchmen author David Gibbons, which melds the logos of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman into a Rorschach test. Could Doomsday Clock finally have Rorschach hitting the streets of Gotham, or Metropolis?

DC is playing things close to the vest in regard to the storyline of Doomsday Clock, but if you’ve been reading a bunch of Rebirth comics, you can probably glean some details. Everyone from Batman to the Flash to Superman has been looking into the mysterious effect of these cosmic players — with every hint implying Doctor Manhattan could be behind pretty much everything over the past year or so (or a lot longer). But how will the rest of the Watchmen cast fit in? That’s what we’re dying to find out.

Doomsday Clock hits shelves January 2018.