It's official: Superman and Wonder Woman will be getting it on

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Dec 17, 2012

Last year, DC's event story, Flashpoint, was wrapping up and an all-new continuity with 52 comics going back to their #1's was set to begin. At the time, it was rumored that Superman and Wonder Woman would get together. One year later, it's finally happening.

The cover for Justice League #12 (due out next Wednesday) shows Clark and Diana high in the sky and getting busy. SUPER busy. Not only that, but Wondie's wrapped Kal up in her lasso of truth. Looks like the truth is that Superman wants to get some touch!

But will their love last beyond a single issue? It will, according to writer Geoff Johns, who confirmed, "This is no one-issue stunt. This is the new status quo." Also, according to Johns, this will have a huge impact on the heroes and villains of the DC universe. Just what that impact will be (aside from wild jealousy) remains to be seen.

What's genuinely interesting is the effect these two characters could have on one another. Superman doesn't really believe in taking a life, whereas Wonder Woman will kill if she feels it's necessary. Superman is the last surviving being from an alien world, and Wondie is the daughter of Zeus and comes from an island of Amazon women. Yes, they are both super-powered, but beyond that they're an odd couple, to be sure.

Less genuine is the fact that, even if this lasts more than an issue, it's hard not to believe that this is, in part, yet another DC attempt to sell funny books. It's no secret that sales of the DC 52 have begun to wane, and Justice League, which was meant to be their flagship title, hasn't exactly fared well with the critical comic book contingent.

Don't get us wrong, the idea is interesting and would make a nice change from the safety of the Clark/Lois relationship, and it's way more compelling than the will-they-or-won't-they of Diana and Steve Trevor. It could be great; we're just cautious. How about you?

(Entertainment Weekly via Bleeding Cool)

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