Supernatural adds Satan's spawn as Season 13 series regular

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Aug 9, 2017

Supernatural's Sam and Dean Winchester have tackled quite a bit in their 12 years on the road together as hunters. They've fought leviathans in limbo, tangled with God's sister, the very embodiment of Darkness, the first murderer Cain, and you know, that guy Lucifer, Satan himself, more than once. But with Lucifer banished to a parallel world, what could their next challenge possibly be?

Why, raising Lucifer's son, of course. Alexander Calvert, who showed up for only a brief moment in the Season 12 finale, will jump directly to series regular status in Season 13, playing the role of Jack, the son of Lucifer and a human mother, EW reports. He'll be living with Sam and Dean as they try to guide this literal son of the devil (in common parlance, the son of Satan and a human tends to be, you know, the Anti-Christ) to a life that's less "fire and brimstone" and more "helping humanity." Calvert is a veteran of The CW, having played Arrow villain Anarky.

“Born literally yesterday, Jack struggles to understand the world he’s brought into and the family that has taken him in (Sam and Dean Winchester) while he wrestles with his place in the world. Will he be good? Evil? Or something in between?” the official character description from The CW reads.

Will Jack turn out to be the Big Bad of Supernatural Season 13? That remains to be seen, but with basically every other type of evil vanquished, it's hard to see this going well for the Winchesters.

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