Supernatural casts legendary pop star Rick Springfield as Lucifer

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Jul 24, 2016, 6:29 PM EDT

Fans of Supernatural: If you think Lucifer was out of the game now that his host body was ripped away from him, think again. The fallen angel has just been given a new skinsuit … that of actor/pop star Rick Springfield.

Specifically, Lucifer is possessing a washed-up pop star. 

According to Variety, Robert Singer, one of Supernatural’s executive producers, who made the announcement at San Diego Comic-Con, said, “The first vessel that [Lucifer] feels comfortable with is a rock star who’s a little bit on the down side who’s trying to come back.”

After two seasons of forewarnings, Lucifer appeared in Supernatural in Season 5, where he was the series’ primary villain, in the form of a vessel named Nick. Since then, he has taken vessels over the years, spending time in the bodies of main characters Sam and Castiel. Last season, he and the Winchester Brothers shared an enemy in the form of God's sister the Darkness, which made them uneasy allies. 

For those of you who didn’t survive the '80s, Rick Springfield was an actor/pop star (singer of the stalker-iffic "Jessie's Girl") whose roles include appearances on Californication and True Detective. Back in the day, I was so taken with Springfield, I even watched General Hospital for him. Egads.

As any fan of Supernatural knows, when Lucifer possesses a body, that body begins to rapidly decay. Springfield may be awesome, but he’s not awesome enough to survive Lucifer. 

(Via TVLine)